I started this blog to talk about skincare and beauty products. I’ve always had a passing interest in such things but just recently have been getting into it more. I’ve been watching lots of online videos and looking at blogs and websites.

I’m originally from New Zealand but have been living in South Korea now for about three years. I thought that I would use this blog to talk about some of the products that I use from Korea. They have some great products and some really cute and pretty stuff. I had never heard of any of it before I moved here but now Korea is very much coming into the international stage as people realise that there is an untapped wealth of interesting and exciting things.

I won’t just be talking about Korean stuff, I want to be able to discover and learn about many different things from all over the world. I hope that others will want to join in the discussion and talk about their favourite brands and items. I really like learning about new things that others have tried and loved. I will also talk about where to find certain products as living in out of the way places like New Zealand and Korea can be hard, everything has to be shipped and sometimes the shipping can cost more than what you are buying.

Catch you later

AJ xoxo

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