Cute and Pretty in Korea

Since this blog is called cuteprettybeauty I thought I would start off by showing you some of the cute and pretty things I have from Korea. Some of these were bought a while ago and may not be available anymore but where I can I will link to the Gmarket page. I actually bought most of these things in store, which is odd because the majority of my shopping is done online.

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The first one is the Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist, to comes in two scents one is a pink bottle which is the one I have and the other is a white one. I believe this is still available but the packaging has changed at bit (still a cute bunny). It’s a nice light mist spray good for refreshing your face especially in the summer. I like the pink one’s scent as it’s light and fresh, the other one was not my cup of tea.

The second item which is in the same photo is also from Tony Moly and it’s the Tony Moly Fruit Princess Gloss I think. I’m not sure of the name but it’s in cherry flavour and I don’t think you can get this one anymore. I have seen the same characters with a bigger/longer bottom to the case and that’s the one I linked to. It’s more like a normal lip gloss bottle but I think this could be the same product or it’s pretty similar. It’s an okay gloss, I find it a bit sticky but I love the packaging and I’m a big fan of cherry flavour. It does come in a whole range of other flavours with cute characters too.

Tony Moly Cat’s Wink Mascara this one is Volume and Longlash and there was another one too, I think it was curling and something. This one does not seem to be available, the whole Cat’s Wink line has been slowly disappearing so I think they must be discontinuing it. It’s sad because I loved this line, it was sooo cute. I use this for my everyday mascara, it’s a good basic one that is not too heavy.

The next one is from The Face Shop and is Mini Pets Fruits hand cream. There are a few others in the line that have different cute little animals and different scents. There is Floral, Baby, Sweet and Fruits. I like this hand cream because it is soft and creamy and smells great. I did not like the other scents as much but the Baby one is like baby powder and was okay, the others were a bit much. These are also great for gifts. Although they are a bit expensive for the amount you get you are really paying for the packaging. You can always recycle the tub and put your favourite cream in it

Back to Tony Moly, they do have cute stuff. This is the Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar. It’s kind of a tint rather than a gloss and it’s really sheer. I love the packaging. All of the colors have the same little bunny but he has different expressions. I got this one more for his grumpy face than for the color. I have number 6 in the range and it’s called Juicy Orange. I don’t really like orange colors for makeup but this one is pinky enough for me to get way with. It’s quite light so it’s good just for a hint of color for daywear.

This snail shaped hand cream is from The Saem. It’s not a shop I usually go to or even buy online from, I just saw this online and had to get it. So very cute. I ended up giving it to my Mum as it was anti-wrinkle hand cream. It comes in three colors and scents. The pink one I got was Cherry blossom, then there is a yellow one which is Freesia and a blue one which is Lily. The Saem Snail Trio No.1 Cherry Blossom Hand Cream Anti-Wrinkle.

And last but not least is another Cat’s Wink one from Tony Moly. This is the Cat Chu Wink Gloss and I think you can tell the main reason I got this one by now. I love cats and it is just so darn cute. Korea is a bad place for me to live financially. The color I have is number 10. It smells really good, kind of fruity, and is a pretty candy pink/red color. It’s a little sticky but nothing overbearing, I don’t find everything getting stuck in it like other glosses.

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