Favourite Jewellery – Black Drop Designs

One of my very favourite things is Jewellery, especially necklaces. I love all kinds from cheap fashion items to the expensive ones that I can’t afford. Lucky there is a huge amount of affordable jewellery out there so we don’t have to be too sad about not being able to afford the high end stuff.

One of the reasons I like it is that it does not really matter what size you are, you can always find something to fit. Not always the case with clothes. And you can jazz up an old outfit easily with some new bling and not feel like you are wearing the same old thing.

The piece I am showcasing here today is one of my favourites in my collection at the moment. I wear it all the time and often get compliments on it. Also it took a while and some effort to find it so that makes it more worth it in my opinion. It has a bit of a story behind how I found it. 20150322_233445

I first saw it on a TV show, ‘Primeval: New World’ which if you don’t know it was a short lived Science Fiction show from Canada about dinosaurs and time travel. It was a spin off of a UK one that I also used to watch. I love Science Fiction and Fantasy. Anyway one of the girls was wearing this necklace for the whole show and I was completely enamoured with it. I’ve seen stuff I like before on shows but usually it’s not on screen for long enough for me to remember it to find it. For this one the actress was wearing for the whole episode and I just kept thinking how cool it was.

After that I looked online, quickly googling some key words like – square, black bird, acrylic but  not come up with anything similar. I did find some other necklaces that had a simple picture of black bird on a white background but that was all. I did end up buying one that was an oval vintage replica type pendant with a similar motif on it.

A good while after that (and after I moved to Korea) I was on the internet one day and had a sudden thought to search again, this time low-and-behold I actually found what I was looking for. It was on Etsy and looked exactly like what I was looking for. I went back and checked the episode of the TV show just to make sure and they look identical. As the designer is also from Canada I figured it was a good chance I had found my necklace.

The Etsy store led me to the Black Drop Designs website which is were I purchased from. I decided to get the necklace and a chain which is sold separately and then I also got some earrings for my sister as it was coming up to Christmas anyway. It was a bit pricey with shipping but the fact that they shipped to Korea was great and I just felt that it was worth it. It’s a hand crafted piece that is well made and looks great.

I definitely don’t regret the purchase, I get a lot of wear out of it and my sister was very happy with her earrings as well.

The designers name is Jade Pellerin and she uses her photography in the jewellery. Designs are available on her website and also in stores across Canada and the U.S. There is a list of stockists on the website so check it out and you might find one near you. She makes pendants and earring with acrylic and other materials. I would recommend this jewellery as something modern, chic and unique. It’s well made and looks great on. 20150322_232752

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