Gmarket Haul – Holika Holika (March 2015)

This is another of the boxes I got on my recent shopping blowout on Gmarket. This time it was with the shop ‘Holika Holika’ which is another one like Secret Key that I have not really bought from because I always think of it as being ‘cheap’. I don’t know where these ideas come from. Although I am terrible for judging books by their covers. The stores are always very bright, plastic and Korean cutesy which I think contributed.


However I saw a moisturizer in the mini-shop on Gmarket that looked really nice. As I was in the market for a new moisturizer I thought I would try it out. And as I mentioned in my last Gmarket Haul post I always figure you may as well buy a few things from the seller so the box is not just sent out with one thing in it. That seems wasteful to me, or at least that’s what I tell myself.

Another good thing is that the product pages have Korean, English and Chinese information. 

Aqua Max: Sebum Control Moisture cream (120ml)

Price: 13,900 won

This comes in three types, I got the green one which is the Sebum Control. Apparently I got the big size as it says on the box. I was not aware it came in different sizes, I just picked the link randomly. The other ones you can get are pink which is Nutri Moisture Cream and a blue one which is Ultra Moisture Cream.

It is super pretty. I love the little bottle it comes in, it looks so classy. I have not had a chance to try this one yet as I have so many other ones to use first. I will do a review later if I remember.

20150317_193046 20150317_193125 20150317_193302

Soda Pore Cleanser: BB Deep Cleansing Foam

Price: 7, 900 won

I was ordering another of the range of creams so I just added this one on a whim. I think the BB part of it means that it is good for cleaning off BB cream which I use a lot. The one on the left is the BB one and the other one is the product below (the normal Cleansing Foam).

I think it is more of a mild exfoliator as it has a small amount of micro-beads in it. If I had know that I would not have got it as I don’t really like using them after hearing it was bad for the environment.


Soda Pore Cleanser: Cleansing Cream (actually Cleansing Foam)

Price: 6, 900 won

I think they sent the wrong one, the product page has it in a tub but the one I got is in a tube. However they seem to be similar products so I’m not really sure enough to bother about returning it. The one I received is a Cleansing Foam and as I already got the BB Cleansing Foam it is a bit disappointing to have two very similar products. I just hope they are good or I might even end up gifting the second one.

Skin & AC Mild Magic Pink Spot

Price 12,900 won

This is an acne treatment stick, I’m always happy to try these kind of things. You never know when you might find a treasure. It took me a bit to figure out how to get the product to work. You have to turn the end for a while before it will start pumping, after it starts you only need to turn it once or twice but that first time you have to turn it quite a few times.

The product is a pink color and is the consistency of calamine lotion (which I think it has a small amount of as one of the ingredients). It dries hard and flaky like calamine lotion. I have only been using it a few days so not sure of it’s effects if any but nothing bad to say out it so far.


Penguins Dream Hand Cream (18ml)

Price: 3,900 won

A cute little gift idea, I got all three colors. I like getting these novelty items to send home as gifts. I might keep one though. This ones are quite a reasonable price, some similar items from other shops are around 4,500 to 5,500 won and it makes it a bit expensive when you are only getting 18mls. You could buy a full size bottle of moisturizer for 10,000 won but of course you are paying for the packaging. I always think that at least when you are finished you can refill it with your favourite hand cream and reuse the cute bottle


Egg Soaps, Special set (4 set)

Price: 15, 000 won

Set of four different soaps, they are all designed to do different things. You can buy them in smaller sets or just one of the types but I wanted to try all of them so I thought this was a nice set. It is really cute too as they come in a little egg carton.

Red – Red Clay to clean pores and clarify skin.

Green – Green Tea for moisture and to smooth skin.

White – Egg Whites to smooth and firm skin.

Black – Charcoal for sebum control.

20150317_192551 20150317_192623

That was my Holika Holika box. I ended up getting quite a bit in this one. Probably because I had not had much from this shop before so it was a chance to get some new things to try out. 

I also recieved some samples and a face mask as a gift with these products.

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