Gmarket Haul – Mizon (March 2015)

Mizon is one of my favorites for beauty products. I love all their skincare range and they also make my favorite BB cream. They used to have a great Snail Repair Cream, it was really nice and I loved it as a moisturizer, it was light and you only needed a tiny bit so the tube lasted for a while. I recently ran out and wanted to get some more but I could not find it. This was why I started my shopping spree, I needed to find a new moisturizer and ended up trying Mizon and Holika Holika to try to find a replacement.

As I was shopping there anyway as usual I also got a few other bits and pieces. After I got this initial box I went back and ordered some lip colors that I had been eyeing. So I actually got two boxes from this seller. The one with the makeup however took a while to come which is unusual most of the time they are pretty prompt.

All In One Snail Repair Cream (75mls)

Price: 19,000 won

Called a Multifunction Formula, it is supposed to help a myriad of different problems. It apparently contains 92% of snail secretions. I have not tried this one yet, it comes sealed so I will try the other ones first. I will try to remember to do an update when I do use it.


Hydra-Full Solution: WaterMaxifull Rich Firming Gel Cream

Price: 12,000 won

I think that this one might be my new cream, I really like the gel texture and it goes on really nice. It’s light and smooth and you only need a tiny amount. It absorbs quickly into the skin and has a very faint pleasant aroma, not sure what it is but it just smells clean and fresh. I do still like a tube for ease if use however.

20150317_001814 20150317_00170520150317_001736 20150317_193827

Purifient Garden Nutrition Cream

Price: 9,900 won

I got this one as it is part of the Mizon ‘Go Green Fresh’ line and because it looked nice. I like the packaging, the jar is cute. It smells good with a light fresh aroma. It goes on easily and absorbs quickly. This one is another contender for my replacement cream.

20150317_001914 20150317_001939 20150317_002000 20150317_002031

Special Therapy: Honey Black Sugar Scrub

Price: 7,900 won

You never know when you are going to need a scrub so I grabbed this one while I was getting so many other products. Have not tried it yet but it smells nice, like honey. Supposedly good for blackhead removal.

20150317_002130 20150317_002150

Acence Mark-x Blemish After Cream (30ml)

Price: 9,900 won

A nice acne cream, it is white and absorbs into the skin so you are not left with patches of cream all over your face. Has a faint medicinal smell. Have not been using it long enough to notice how much it helps but it has not done anything bad.


That was my first Mizon box and they were also very nice and sent two gifts:

-Grapefruit Body Wash and some Nail Make up art. I also got some Snail Repair Mist Spray which came with the cream I bought.


The second box was just three lip products but when I finally picked it up yesterday morning it was quite heavy. It had been long enough and I had bought so many other things that I began to question my memory. Had I bought something else as well? It turned out that they had just put in some nice gifts.

Mizon Water Glam Lip Tint

Price 9, 900 won

I got two of these Lip Tints because they have a deal where you get to select two colors and then you also get a Mascara. I got the colors Pink Glam and Burgundy Glam. The packaging is really nice and chic. The reason I got them was that I was intrigued by the photos on the website and could not work out how they worked. They are made to look like a normal lipstick but are tints, the actual stick part is made of clear plastic and is filled with the color tint which gives the illusion of being a regular lipstick. At the top of this plastic it has a small hole where the liquid tint comes out. You twist the bottom of the tube to make the liquid run and then you can just smooth it on your lips like your would a lipstick. The cap locks in place and has a stopper for the small hole. I might do a Korean Lip product post soon so will review them more there.

20150328_104453  20150328_104616 20150328_104633 20150328_104821 20150328_104925


The mascara that it came with is from the same ‘I’m by Mizon’ line and it’s called the Skinny Glam Mascara. It really is skinny too, I’ve never had one so small. I love the brush, it is so easy to use because it is so small. It was really good for my lower lashes. The formula is a bit dry but I think it will be perfect for everyday work wear.


Mizon Oh! Shy Real Drawing Lip Crayon

Price: 7,900 won

This is my first lip crayon and I bought it because I was curious. The packaging is adorable, it comes in this colourful box. The color I got is So Hot Red. It goes on super easy, smooth and creamy with a beautiful lustrous color. The finish is really nice with just a tiny bit of shine.

20150328_104431 20150328_105003 20150328_162821

The gifts they included were the same as last time along with the mascara that I received with the lip tints:

– Grapefruit Body Scrub

– Nail Make up Art


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