Favourite Scents – Body Fantasies Signature

This post is dedicated to one of my favourite scents, it’s from the Body Fantasies Signature line and is ‘Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy’.20150401_013251

I did not think it would become one my go to sprays but since I have been here in Korea I have been steadily using it. I like it for everyday wear because I teach children so I don’t really need or want to wear perfume everyday. This one is great because it is cheap and easy to get. Here in Korea you can find the whole line at any Olive Young store. I know that they are probably available in many places in the US as that’s were they come from.

There are so many different scents to choose from I think I would have had a hard time choosing, this was the first one I picked up so I just went with it. If I had tried all the scents I would have been there all day trying to decide. I am sure I could find others that I like out of the range and I have bought the vanilla one but have not tried it yet. Vanilla is my all time favourite scent so I am almost certain to like it.

‘Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy’ just has something about it that tickles my nose, it smells divine but very sweet and floral. When you smell it in the bottle it does seem quite strong but as it’s a body spray it does not really go on that strong. I usually spray a few squirts over myself before I head out the door.


Because I like it so much I also have the body wash and the moisturizer. It’s one of those cheap and cheerful products that we all know and love.

What about you  – do you like this range? If so what’s your favourite?

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