Review – Etude House Lipsticks

In this post I am going to talk about some of the lipsticks that I have from Etude House. I was going to make this post ‘Lip Products’ as I have some glosses and tints but I thought it would get a bit long. I will do another one to talk about the other products.

So I’m going to go over five lipsticks that I have. Two are from the ‘Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk’ Line, one is from the ‘Dear My Wish Lips-Talk’ line, one from the ‘Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk’ line and one is from the ‘Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips’ line.


Dear My Wish Lips-Talk – BE102

This is one of my favourite new lipsticks. I love the colour and the formula. It’s smooth and creamy and glides on super easily with no fuss. I really like the shape of this lipstick rather than the more traditional pointed one. I find it much easier to put on without mistakes. I usually just use the tube for application because I am too lazy to use a brush.

The packaging is cute as usual, you would expect nothing less from Etude House. It’s in the ‘Dear My’ line which has a few different types. All of the tubes are slightly different but the same style. There are ten shades in this line.

20150331_220547I got this one in store and I can’t really remember how much it was abut it was about 8,000-8,900 won. Definitely was not that expensive.

The colour I got was BE102 ‘Enchanting Goddess Beige’ and it was recommended by the salesgirl. I’m glad I listened to her, usually I try to ignore them as here in Korea they hover over you and watch you the whole time you are in the store. If you are browsing this can be really annoying. Great if you need help of course as there is always someone to jump in. Anyway this time she was super nice and gave a great recommendation.

20150331_220626 20150331_222752 20150331_222809 20150331_224245

The color is a rich gorgeous dark beige with a hint of dusky rose. I am trying to branch out from pink which is my usual go to color. I’m finding that I like these browns more and more.

Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk – PP501

This next is from the ‘Dear My Blooming’ line and is PP501. This line is their biggest in lip products with over 20 shades. They are very popular and reasonably cheap at about 8,000-9,000 won. They don’t have much of a smell, a faint fruity scent and a slightly sweet taste to them. The name of this one I think translates to ‘Free Purple’, my Korean is not great so please excuse any mistakes.

This lipstick is reasonably new to my collection but I am really liking the color. It’s more of a purple than I am used to but a really pretty pinky/purple colour. It’s also much more sheer than I thought it would be but I still really like it and it’s buildable. It’s has a little bit of a shine to it. I really like the look and feel, it glides on very easily and so is perfect for quick application.

20150331_220815 20150331_222428 20150331_22244120150331_225541

One little note about the ‘Dear My’ range is that they all have little rings on the tubes, you can actually pop them off and wear them as rings. The ‘Dear My Wish’ and ‘Dear My Blooming’ are little shiny bows and the ‘Dear My Jelly’ is a shiny colourful Jelly looking ring. One of the cute little extra things that Etude House does.


Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk – RD306

I’ve had this one for a while and it’s the second one in the ‘Dear My Blooming’ line. This one is RD306 and is a really deep, dark burgundy/wine colour. I really like this color, it’s just so rich and gorgeous. It’s darker than almost everything else I own so is a bit daring for me. I have worn it mixed with a pearl one I have which toned it down a bit for a more natural look so it is also versatile. I’m pretty sure the name of this one is ‘Scared Red’ which seems weird but you can never tell with makeup names.

This one is a bit harder to apply as it is so dark. I think I need a lip liner to go with it as it is very easy to make a mistake and smudge it.

20150330_234215 20150330_234240 20150330_234325

I do find that these ones last rather well for a few hours but if you are eating you will need to reapply. I also find that they wear away from the inside quicker so I do have to take them with me for touch ups especially with this darker color as it’s very noticeable.

The one ‘con’ about the packaging on these and also the ‘Wish’ one is that you can’t tell the shade from the outside. You have to take the lid off to see it. Not so bad when you only have two but could get rather annoying as my collection grows.

Another pretty detail from the ‘Blooming’ and ‘Jelly’ lines are that they have a design etched into the stick. On these it’s a heart with a little crown above it.

Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk – JPK002

The box is super cute with jelly beans on it, pink of course, it is from Etude House. I love this product and can’t wait to get some more in the line. The tube is in the same design as the other ‘Dear My’ products but it’s white instead of pink and it has a ring of shiny (jelly like) plastic around the tube instead of the bows that the other two have. The little ring color indicates the shade of the lipstick which is nice.  I believe there are eight shades in this range.20150402_182154Now because it is also part of the ‘Sweet Recipe’ line it smells scrummy, like sweet cherry cookies. I have the shade JPK002 which is a beautiful fun bright pink color. The name for this one translates to something like ‘Strawberry Syrup Candy’ but I think it smells more like cherry.

20150402_182220 20150402_182238 20150402_182435

The formula for this one is very sheer and glossy, it’s almost more of a gloss than a lipstick. It glides on easy and feels really nice on the lips, it’s very forgiving and covers up dry lips making them look soft and glossy. You can leave it light and sheer or build it up for a deeper color. I’ve looked at most of the other colors in this range and swatched them at the store but this one is my favourite.

On the box it says ‘This sheer-colored lipstick gives you irresistible jelly lips with it’s moist and shimmery finish.

Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips – PPK002

The last one is from Etude House’s recent princess collection ‘Real Princess Story’. It’s much more expensive than the other ones. I bought it in store for 13,000 won, this is still cheap when you think about the average price of lipsticks in western cosmetics.

The packaging is much more elaborate than that other ones, it’s quite pretty with an old-school French flair to it. I haven’t seen all the shades as there were only two at the store, there should be more available elsewhere. Of the two I had the choice of, one was a light pink and the other a dark pink. I got the darker of the two as because they are so sheer the light one was not very noticeable when I swatched it on my hand in the store. The name for this one is something like ‘Dew Soaked Petal Kiss’.

20150331_220650 20150331_222646 20150331_222655 20150331_224928

It’s called Crystal Shine Lips and is made to be a sheer, shimmery colour. It’s a beautiful fuchsia pink color but it does not come out quite as bold as the stick looks. I really like it and that hint of shimmer is really pretty.

I haven’t worn it for a long length of time so am uncertain of durability but I would guess it is much like the other Etude House ones and would need to be touched up after a few hours. It goes on smooth and easy and does not have much of a smell to it.

This lipstick also has a design etched into the stick, on this it’s an elaborate ‘E’ like is on the tube. Just another little detail that makes Etude House lipsticks so cute and fun.

2 thoughts on “Review – Etude House Lipsticks

    1. No I saw the red lipstick from the season 2 line once and I liked it but did not buy it. I have not seen it since. I might need to see if I can still get it online.


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