Review – Mizon Fruit Therapy Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel

This is a very nice exfoliator that I like to use, it’s from Mizon which I have mentioned is one of my favourite Korean brands. I’ve been using their skincare for years now and their BB cream but have just stated to try out more of their makeup range. I don’t think I have really had any products that I have not liked from their range.

20150404_035946 20150404_040445

This was actually one of the first things that I tried from Mizon, it was so nice and such a good price that I kept going back and then gradually tried more and more products.


It comes in a bright green tube, it’s very plain with white writing on it and the small Mizon logo. The tube is 120mls and where I buy it on Gmarket it always comes as a set with two tubes. I don’t mind as I like it so much I know I would buy another anyway. It’s usually about 7,900 won for the two bottles which is a bargin.

On the tube it says: Gommage type peeling gel removes dead skin cells while moisturizing skin with rich fruit extracts. Apple and sugar cane maple extracts moisturize and sooth skin after exfoliation.

I much prefer products like this in a tube, it is so much easier to handle, especially when you are in the shower.

Look, feel and smell:

The product is a pearl white color and is a medium thickness with a bit of a wet gel like consistency to it. It feels quite grainy when you rub it but it’s a very fine grain.

20150404_040055 20150404_040138

As soon as you massage it into the skin it clumps into a peeling like granular consistency. It actually feels quite weird. It’s like your skin is sloughing off but it’s just the product. Well I am sure there is some of the dead skin in there too but as you can see in the picture the product really clumps up.

It has very subtle sweet apple smell to it.


This is an excellent mild exfoliator. According to the promises it will leave your skin fresh and shiny like and apple. It does give it that shiny, clean feeling.

The directions say you should apply it to your face and wait about one minute. After that, gently massage it into the skin, the product will roll up into little granules. You can then wash it off.

It’s recommended that you use it one to two times a week. I keep it in my shower as it is quite messy to use so it works better for me that way.

I often switch it out with other products, I am constantly buying new things to try but it’s one that I like to always have on hand as I know it is nice and mild.

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