Battle of the BB Creams (Korean)

I own a fair amount of Korean BB Creams. I have been buying and trying since I got here about four years ago so I have accumulated a bit of a stock.

I don’t really have any foundations anymore, I really like the sheer coverage that BB creams give me because I never liked that feeling on your face that you get from wearing foundation. I just threw out a mousse that I found at the back of a drawer, it was really old. I do have another Almay one that I got in a gift pack a while back but it’s still in its packaging .

Over the coming few weeks, or maybe even months I am going to go through all of my BB Creams and review them. Then at the end I will choose the one I like the best (unless I buy more, then I guess I will keep going, it could be a never-ending cycle). 20150406_230249

So far I have products from Etude House, BRTC, Missha, Holika Holika, The Face Shop, Iope, PeriPera and Mizon. A few of them I have more than one product from. I have worn all but one so far, I just got the Missha one a few weeks ago and have not had a chance to try it out yet.

I’ve never tried any Western brand BBs, I know that most of them are not even real BB Creams. I figure I have access to the original creators of the product so surely they know how to do it best 🙂

12 thoughts on “Battle of the BB Creams (Korean)

  1. That Holika Holika Clearing BB cream is one of my favorites!! I swear it makes my skin look crazy good and for being a BB cream the coverage of it is amazing!
    I’m excited to see your reviews on these and to see which one you prefer! I’m really look to buy another BB cream but I just get so overwhelmed online and want to buy everything!!

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      1. I think that’s a perfect justification…I mean…why wear the same BB cream every day? I prefer to live my life with skin perfecting options!! (Also, serious note…what exactly are these air cushion things I keep hearing about? I’m not sure what they are. BB cream, powder, mystery magic…)

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      2. Lol, mystery magic all the way. It’s similar to BB cream but its the application that is the difference. The little compact has this foam sponge type thing where the product sits and then you dab it on with the little applicator which is specially designed not to absorb the product. Then you kind of pat it on your face. It gives a light dewy looking coverage which is what Koreans like.

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    1. Korean ones are a bit different, I just wear them like foundation. I like that they are a bit lighter and allow my skin to breathe. I do need a good foundation one of these days. I’m on the hunt for one at the moment reading lots of reviews. I’m going home in July so I might get one then as I can talk to the makeup counter people a bit easier. I figure it’s good to have at least one full coverage product for those occasions when you need it.

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      1. Yes it’s always best to get lots of samples to try in daylight as what looks great at the counter looks orange outside lol! I’ve learnt my lesson lots! 🙂

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  2. I so agree! One can never have too many. I am such a makeup hoarder, though I don’t even use them. BB creams are better than foundation anyway, especially when you just want a light covering. We have a lot of Indian brands here like Lakme that give wonderful coverage without being too heavy or chalky.

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