First Impressions – Etude House ‘Dreaming Swan’ Line

Well I was on my way to the bank during a break in classes today and I happened to go past Etude House. They had a big sign out front advertising their new ‘Dreaming Swan’ line. I mean it would have been rude not to go in and check it out. Right?20150406_220421

Of course I ended up with a few purchases, I got a new lipstick (I will always find and excuse to buy lipstick) and I also got a blusher just because it was really cute and pretty. I don’t really have much blush, I have two really old ones from before I came to Korea but it’s not something that I really think about so this was me trying something new. Everything comes in these beautiful boxes with paintings of ballerinas and tutus and ballet shoes on them.

I also got a free gift with my purchases which is always nice.

So this is the blusher I got, it’s a dark pink and is called ‘Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek’. They had three colors at the shop, a light pink, a coral one and the dark pink. I decided to be bold and get the darker one. It was a really nice dusky rose which is a shade I like very much.

20150406_220836 20150406_221124 20150406_221309

It comes in this lovely tin container, decorated with a tutu and has a pretty picture etched into the powder. It’s Etude House, I would be surprised if it was not gorgeous. The color #03 and is called ‘Arabesque Rosey’ which I did not even have to translate as it was already done on the box. It was 13,000 won.

For the lipstick, they surprisingly (not, lol) had a lot of pinks. What more can we expect from a ballerina inspired line. The problem is that I have a lot of pinks already from Etude House so I went with one that was a little bit more purple for a change.

20150406_222043 20150406_222137 20150406_222320 20150406_222848

It’s very pretty and it’s still part of the ‘Blooming Lips-Talk’ family but in a special edition for this new ‘Dreaming Swan’ line. So the packaging is the same shape but slightly different colors. The case is a very light kind of matte pink with a pearl white bow. The inside metal tube also has a pink ballerina shoe and bow pattern on it and the stick itself has a heart etched into it. I really like the color, it’s a little bit of a hot pink/purple. It’s #PP502 and lucky I was at my school so one of the Korean teachers translated it for me, she said it was ‘Intense Purple’. This was 8,500 won.

The free gift is the ‘Toe Shoes Offuser’ which is a room scent. It comes in this beautiful box and is shaped like some little ballet shoes. It’s really pretty, the smell is quite strong it’s a sweet floral scent.


I will do a review a bit later once I have had a chance to try the makeup out and see if I like them.  So far I am very happy with my purchases.

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