Watsons Haul – Peripera and others (April 2015)

Watsons Haul

I popped into Watsons on my way home from work the other night just meaning to pick up a couple of things. As usual I can’t control myself in the face of all those exciting products. I ended up spending much more than I intended but on the plus side I got a surprise gift because I spent so much.Watsons Haul

So as you can see I got quite a few bits and pieces. I will do so proper reviews on everything once I have tried it all out.

SNP Animal Dragon Soothing Mask – Sheet masks have been popular in Korea for ages. They are everywhere and you can get so many different ones. I get them all the time as gifts with purchase. I don’t use them that often but every now and then I indulge myself. I’ve seen these ones online a lot recently and thought they looked cool, they were only 3,000 won in store which was much cheaper than online so I picked up two of each. They will be good for gifts.

SNP Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask – Basically these are just the same as normal sheet masks but they have a pattern or picture of an animal on them so you can wear a tiger mask for 10-20 minutes. There are lots of different patterns and animal faces that I have seen from various companies.20150408_210156

Dr. Oracle Antibac Moisturizing Gel Cream – I have the foaming facial cleanser and the spot treatment for this line. I just started using them but so far so good. It’s a bit pricy which is why I’ve just been getting a bit at a time. This was 38,000 won, I hope it’s good for that price. It does look very nice, the pot is a dark forest green, it looks very chic. It comes with a little spatula for keeping your grubby fingers out of the product 🙂


Andes Cherry Jubliee Thins – They were on special and I’m a sucker for cherry flavoured anything. They are delicious and only 3,000 won.

Andes Cherry Thins

Peripera Oil Capture Pact – A pressed powder to control shine. I am always on the look out for things that will help with shine, I have combination skin so I tend to either be too dry or too oily depending on the day. Have not tried it out yet but will review it once I have had a go with it. It’s a nice little compact, the product is on top and then the applicator pad sits in it’s own space under it. It was only 10,000 won so pretty cheap.

20150408_210402 20150408_210439 20150408_210559 20150408_210611

Peripera Peri’s Tint Crayon – The color is #01 called ‘So Cool’ and it’s a dark red. I am really getting into crayons at the moment as I love the texture of them. The tip on this one is an interesting design, haven’t had a chance to try it out yet but will most probably do a review later. The color is a gorgeous rich, beautiful deep red, the swatch is the same crayon just from different angles of the tip. This was 9,000 won.

Peripera Tint Crayon 01 Peripera Tint Crayon 02 Peripera Tint Crayon 03 Peripera Tint Crayon 04

Peripera Peri’s Cushion Lips + gift – Everything is cushion this, cushion that in Korea at the moment and I know it is spreading to other parts of the world. I’ve been looking at these for a while so finally got around to trying it out. It took ages for the product to come out, you have to gently squeeze the tube. The color is OR04 ‘Secret Trip’, I don’t usually go for orange colours but this one was more of a red brick color that looked really nice. I have not had a chance to try it yet but am liking the color swatch a lot. It also came with a little gift of a tint which came in an adorable little handbag shaped box. This was 10.000 won.

20150408_210752 20150408_210853 20150408_210904 20150410_002244


Peripera Lumi Pang – This is a gloss lipstick in the color RD05 ‘Sensual’. This is my favourite so far out of the ones I bought, I love the color it’s a beautiful deep pink color, it’s supposed to red but I find it more pink. It smells delicious, like tropical fruit and it goes on glossy and smooth. It’s a gloss with a doe foot applicator but once on it’s more like a lipstick. It’s not at all sticky which I love. Can’t wait to try it out more. It was 9,000 won but with a discount came down to 7,200 won.

20150408_211139 20150408_211250 20150410_001319

Sweet Wish Sensitive Lash Coloring Mascara – I got this because the wand is really small. I recently got a Mizon one as a gift that had the tiny wand and really like it. It’s so much easier to put on and I like the natural look it gives. I got this on in the color ‘Double Shot Brown’. I think that a brown will be nice for everyday wear. This was 12,000 won which was on special down from 15,000 won.

20150408_211810 20150408_211839 20150408_211914

Demeter Perfumed Lip Balm in Fuzzy Navel – This is a new lip balm line from a Korean company called Demeter. If you have been following me for a bit you know how I am with lip balms. I have not opened it because I have so many others but will do a review on it next time I do a lip balm post. I really like peach flavoured lip products so we will see how it goes. It was on special because I think it’s reasonably new, the original price was 12,000 won but I got it for 5,400 won.

Demeter Fuzzy Navel 01

And last but not least my gift was a makeup organizer, I had been looking at some of these recently online so it came at a perfect time.

20150408_212645 20150408_212832


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