New Accessories – My New Spring Handbag from ‘The Sak’

A friend and I made the effort to go to Costco yesterday as she gets off work early and my days are pretty light at the moment. We are lucky that we live quite close to one of the few Costcos in Korea. I still don’t go that often because once you have finished shopping you have to get your stuff home on the bus (or taxi) which is annoying and limits what you can buy.

Despite weight limitations I still managed to do some damage and got some delicious treats like plain Greek yogurt and American cheese (which is not the best but vastly better than Korean cheese).

I also happened to walk past the bag isle and saw a really nice handbag, they were on a big display at the end of the isle so hard to miss. My current handbag has served me well but the straps are almost worn through so I’m just waiting for them to snap.

This new bag was smaller than I have been used to recently but to be honest I think I need to downsize a bit. It came in a few different colors – black, brown, light green and an off white kind of color. Most of my handbags are black, I always want to get other colors but most often go the safe option because I know it looks good. Not a bad thing, black always goes well with everything and looks nice but sometimes I want to be a little different.


So even though it was a bit expensive (imported things at Costco always are) I decided to give it a go. It’s called ‘The Sak, Iris Crossbody’. I’ve never heard of this brand but I’m isolated over here in this little corner of the world. It’s kind of a satchel inspired look with a long strap you can wear across your body hence the name and also just on your shoulder.

The leather is really nice and soft and the inside lining is really pretty. It has a zipped pocket inside and two open ones on the other side. Then on the outside it has a zipped pocket on the front and then an open one on the back. I do like to have a few pockets. I always lose things in my bag easily so its good to have places or the things you need to access in a hurry. The strap is woven rather than leather which hopefully will make it more comfortable and perhaps last longer as it won’t crack like leather does.

20150410_000820 20150410_000855 20150410_000917

It was a hefty 48,000 won which is about US$44, now that’s not uber expensive or anything I know but usually I buy my bags here in Korea for about 12,000-20,000 won. I don’t really like to pay a lot for my everyday handbags because I go through them quicker and then I can just get a new one when I am sick of it. If I paid hundreds of dollars for a handbag I would think I needed to use it everyday for many years to make it worth while.

All the colors were nice but it came down to the light mint green and the trusty black. I finally decided to take a chance and get the green. It’s really pretty for spring and I think it will still go with most things I wear.

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