Favourite Makeup – Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Pact (SPF50+, PA+++)

Today I’m going to talk about another of my favourite products. It’s the Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Pact (SPF50+, PA+++).Etude House Sun BB Pact

This review is tinged with sadness because this product has actually been discontinued by Etude House. It’s one of those things where I wish I had bought another one when I knew I liked it but you never think that things will not be there when you are ready to repurchase. I got this a long time ago, it’s probably one that I should throw away but I love it too much and it still looks and feels fine so I’m not worried.

I don’t use it all the time and I only use a small amount so it lasts really well. I did have to replace the applicator pad as the Etude House one did not last long.

It comes in a pretty white pact that has the fancy ‘E’ embossed on the top along with ‘Etude House’. The powder also had the ‘E’ etched into it when it was new. It’s just the perfect size to fit into the palm of my hand and the pact has a mirror on the inside for touch-ups on the go.

I just love the look that this gives when I use it over my BB cream, it instantly gives you that airbrushed look and everything looks smooth and even. It does not have any shimmer in it and finishes with a nice matte look. The powder is really fine and I find it really brightens up my skin and controls any shine. It sets my makeup well and makes it last so much longer. It’s also really handy as you can pop it into your bag and carry around easily for touch-ups.

I know that many people don’t like to set their foundation with a colored powder as it can change the shade and if you have the perfect shade why mess with it. I do have a translucent loose powder I use sometimes too but I find that this does not add  much color at all and when I am using BB creams they are often a little light anyway. By using this powder it makes it match more to my skin tone. It’s actually close to translucent with just a hint of color as it was supposed to match a range of skin tones, it only came in one shade.

I definitely think this gives a more beautiful finish than my loose translucent one. It also sets my nose well and I have trouble with getting my makeup to stay around my nose so that is very good for me. It’s not perfect as I am yet to find anything that is perfect for my nose but at least I can easily take this with me and use it to get rid of shine and keep it as nice looking as possible.2012-11-20 21.14.07

6 thoughts on “Favourite Makeup – Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Pact (SPF50+, PA+++)

  1. While it’s expensive, I believe this one from [su:m37] is a near dupe for the Etude House one… they have 3 different types, all at 9g in weight, which seems to be pretty standard for Korean makeup of this kind these days. At 38,000w I would want to locate it in a store first to try it if I were you though. [Su:m37] products do seem to be high quality though, and from the few I’ve used, and by the number of friends (mostly Korean) who use them, they are a nice product to use. They seem to be more natural in a lot of their products, which I personally like, and from your blog so far, seems you do as well.

    Which part of NZ are you from? Hawkes Bay girl myself.

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      1. Hey nice to meet a fellow kiwi. I’m from just outside of Wellington. Thanks for the recommendation. I have a store near me so I can go check it out.


  2. Nice… my sister lives in Wellington.

    Good luck on finding something to dupe what you have blogged about here. I stumbled across your posts on waygook a while ago and have been following your blog since. I really like it. I have been thinking about trying to get my attempt off the ground at blogging. I started the blog last year, but don’t really have a lot of time to actually stick to it.

    I am more into nailpolishes than makeup due to allergies, so could recommend a few if you are interested. I am thinking about photographing all of the polishes I have bought here and reviewing them as I buy a lot… a small collection of 300 odd bottles now… plus KONAD stamping plates and other bits and pieces.


  3. Thanks for following 🙂

    I’ve tried blogging before but usually start to peter out after a bit. Hopefully this one will go better, I think it will because I have made lots of different types of posts. That way if I don’t have much time I can just do a few things I have bought or a mini-review and at least I am uploading something interesting. I am always buying stuff so at least now I have something to do with it. It’s also great to connect with other like-minded people.

    I’ve seen a couple of polish blogs, it is something that is very popular so would have a good reader base. Also Korea is dotty over nail stuff so you have that going for you. I’m not that into nail stuff, my sister is so I do buy things for her sometimes, especially when I find ones with cute bottles. Have you seen the ones from VDL shaped like little shoes? I don’t really do them myself because I’m not good at it. I think I need to go and get them done more often, it’s so cheap here so I should take advantage of it.


  4. I live in the southern region of Korea, the big stores aren’t so common down here. I’ve been in Korea since 2009, and it was here I got into nail art and polish. I watch a lot of youtube videos to learn how. It’s not as hard as you would think.

    I have’nt seen the VDL polishes, but I have a decent collection of cute ones. Once I have pics taken and recommendations, I will try to remember to send you a link.

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