Online Shopping – Three Beauty Sites

Recently I have been buying some beauty items from overseas online sites. The problem was that once I started blogging I was surrounded by all of these products that I wanted but were not readily available here in South Korea. So I had to go looking elsewhere.

The first site I thought of was Sephora, everyone talks about them and they have such a big range. They also now ship to South Korea and they have a deal where if you spend over 100,000 won then the shipping is a flat rate of 15,000 won. I can easily spend that much so I figured it would not be a problem. I went on one of the forums about living in Korea to see if anyone had ordered from them just to see what I was like. One person had contacted Sephora and found out that not all items ship to Korea, there is actually quite a few that don’t and you don’t find out until you get to the checkout which is annoying.

One of the things that I had seen online and really wanted to try was the NYX Wicked lipsticks. They are metallic lipsticks that just looked amazing but I could not find many places that sold them, would ship to Korea and for a reasonable price.

Then by chance I came across an online store called This was the first one I tried and they sell mostly drugstore type brands like NYX, Wet n Wild, Revlon and E.L.F. They have a really nice range of products but do charge for shipping. It still works out quite good and as you put things in your cart it adds the total and the shipping for you on the left side of the screen so you can keep checking to make sure you don’t go too wild. I got some lipsticks and lip pencils and the shipping was about US$9.00, if I can keep it under $10 then I am happy.

Just after I had ordered from another person from the forum I was on mentioned It has free shipping if your order is over US$15. Which to be fair, there are not many time when it’s going to be less than that. They have a very big range of beauty, skincare and hair care. They carry brands like Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Stila and OCC. The site is really nice and easy to navigate too. You can shop by brand and by department which I really like, most of the time I’m looking for a specific brand that I have just read about on one of your blogs so to be able to quickly search by brand is great.

Also while I was looking around for some different products, because the two above still don’t carry everything I wanted to try, I came across one more site. This shop is called and is a British site. They have a really big range of all things beauty from makeup to hair, electronic accessories to fragrances. The best things about this one is that they have free worldwide shipping and a beautybox subscription service which I have wanted since I learned about them. I could never find one that would ship to me so it was very sad. I was super excited to finally find a box that I could get. I also made a few other purchases seen as though I was there and all.

So far I have had good experiences with all of these online shops, the shipping has taken about 10-15 days for the first two to arrive.  I’m still waiting for the one from but hopefully it’s not too far away and it has not even been two weeks yet. I will do a haul post for each of the sites and talk more about them and their services and I will also do a separate post for the beautybox from

If anyone knows of any other sites that ship worldwide for free (or a small about) please let me know. These three are good but they still don’t carry all the products I’m interested in. I would really like to find one that I can get Smashbox from.

9 thoughts on “Online Shopping – Three Beauty Sites

  1. I hope BeautyBay works out. I was leery because the prices are so cheap, shipping is so cheap, and the reviews were not good for that store. But they have sooo many good Asian brands including Anna Sui and Paul & Joe and RMK.


    1. I just got it today and all is good. I actually got an Anna Sui lipstick. It was a little bit expensive for me as all were mid range brands but overall not too bad and cheaper than trying to get it here. I only got four things just to try it out and I’m pleased.


  2. mantap mas infonya ini, jadi bisa lebih mengetahui tentang dunia ini 🙂 , info yang sangat menarik, sepertinya harus dicoba 🙂


    1. Hi, shipping takes about 10 days or so, it is one that you have to pay for the shipping but I think it’s not too bad. It calculates it as you go so you can see how much you are spending. I just try to keep it under $10. As I’m usually just buying lip stuff it does not weigh much so I can get a decent amount for that.


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