Favourite Hair Care – ‘Phone Cord’ Hair Ties

One of the things that I have been using for years since I arrived in Korea is the plastic hair ties that many a Korean girl wears. I was initially fascinated by their shape and bright colors but since then have become a convert as they are so easy to use, cheap, and hold my hair well. Young girls like them especially because if you take our hair down you can wear these bright colourful ties as bracelets too.


They come in different sizes and colors, the picture above was just a few I could find. These are the normal size ones but you can get them a bit smaller as well. They also have some that are slim versions and you can get plain plastic or cloth covered. I’m really liking the covered ones at the moment, it’s what I have in my hair right now.

They don’t slip or anything because they are wound into your hair, I have really long thick curly hair. It’s almost down to my waist at the moment, I’ve been too lazy to find a hairdresser to cut it. Because it is so curly I have to find a hairdresser who has experience with western hair and speaks good English as I need to explain that it needs long layers to make sure it sits right. It’s long past due for a trim. With this amount of hair I need something durable to hold it in place and these little guys do the trick.

I don’t know their official name but my sister calls them ‘phone cord’ hair ties because they look like the old style phone cords if anyone remembers them from the days before cell phones (otherwise known as the dark ages). I sent some to my sister a few years back, ever since then I have been sending her a steady supply as she really likes them too. I also got my cousins hooked, basically anyone I’ve sent them to has really liked them.


They are also good because they are really cheap, I usually get them in sets of two or three and they are about 1-2000 won which is around US$1-2.  I always thought if I had an online accessories boutique (which I really want to do) I would have to include them. One downside is that they do stretch out of shape after a while, I can still use them because I have so much hair but I can see if you had thinner hair once they stretch they might not be so good.

The only other downside comes from having such thick curly hair and that is sometimes they get a little tangled in my hair when I go to take them out. Usually it’s because I just yank them out, if you are careful then they would probably be fine. I’m just impatient. I find that they don’t leave as much as a kink in my hair when I remove them which is great.

I just noticed them for sale on the beautybay.com website which is why I’m doing this post. Obviously someone has realized they need to be spread to the rest of the world. They are a bit more expensive on that site however but not too bad if you want to try them out. I’m sure they are available in other places so if you have not seen them yet keep an eye out.


4 thoughts on “Favourite Hair Care – ‘Phone Cord’ Hair Ties

  1. I have long curly (used to be thick) hair as well but I’ve never used these. Will have to try them out! I see them all the time in Daiso and originally I didn’t realise that they were hair ties. I thought they were just bracelets.

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