Shopping Day in South Korea (18/04/2015)

I happened to be up early on Saturday morning (does not happen very often) when a friend messaged me to ask if I wanted to get some lunch and go shopping. As she very well knows, you don’t have to ask me twice. Eating and shopping are two of my favourite things.

We decided to do something a bit different and go to a big local mall complex near us, they have an ‘On the Boarder’ restaurant and we don’t get over there very often. I’m a really picky eater, there are very few foods I actually like, so finding somewhere to eat can be a challenge. We have two places that we always go to because they are in the middle of one of the main shopping areas near us and because I like both of them. This was a good chance to change it up. We’ve been a few times in the past; I would say it’s okay food, not brilliant and it’s a bit pricey but for every once and a while it’s fine.

After lunch we wandered around the shopping area, they have a few shops like H&M and Zara and then some of the Korean beauty shops. I needed to get some of the makeup remover wipes that I like so we visited Natures Republic for that. They also have a nice Aragan Hair line and it was on sale so I picked up a new bottle of their mist spray as I’m almost out. I will do a review on that soon.

We had to visit Tony Moly seen as though it was there, I decided to get some of the fruit products I have been eyeing for a while. I really wanted the apple hand cream that comes in an apple shaped bottle. I like the smell of apple and this one feels nice too. I also got the one that is shaped and smells like banana just because it looks awesome. They also had a banana lip gloss and I couldn’t resist, it was so cute. While I was buying all the fruit ones I figured I may as well get some more fruit lip balms, I already have the cherry one so I got the apple and the tomato to add to my collection.

Fruit from Tony Moly

Then it was off to the Lotte Department store, which is a high end mall, I don’t go there much as I mostly frequent the cheaper Korean brand stores. I happened to pop in there a while back to see if they had a MAC counter, I was pretty sure they did but I wanted to check. I also found they had a Make Up For Ever too which was good to know. I’ve been keeping a list of products that I see online that you guys recommend or I see on YouTube and I had a few MAC and Make Up For Ever ones I wanted to try. I don’t have a foundation at the moment so I thought I might invest in a nice one.

Mac Korea - Cleaner and 217 Brush Make Up For Ever - Korea

I ended up getting a MAC 217 brush and brush cleansr because it was not a bad price, the brush was 25,000 won and the cleanser was 16,000. Those prices are comparable to what they were on the American websites so I as happy it was not marked up hugely. The girls at the counter  were really nice but super busy as it was Saturday. Same at Make Up Forever, the counters are right next to each other. I wanted to try the HD Foundation but needed help to get color matched. I figure they know what they are doing. I had to wait bit because they were doing makeup on people. When she helped me she picked the same one I had first picked up too, I probably could have just done it myself. But she was nice and put it one side of my face to see. It was really nice so I bought it, cost 55,000 won which is a bit of an extravagance but I figure a nice foundation is worth it. They gave me a small sample of primer with that too.

After that it was time to head back through the main shopping area, stopping for an iced chocolate as my energy was fading. We called into a few different shops along the way like Olive Young, Innisfree and the The Face Shop and then of course Etude House. My friend wanted to get a few things that I had suggested, I like some of their tools. The foundation brush is really good and they do a dupe of the beauty blender.

Etude House - Eye Primer and Shadows

I of course had to get some things too. I’ve been watching lots of videos recently on how to do eye makeup for hooded eyes, that’s what I have and I’ve never know how to do eye makeup. There are some really good tutorials and a lot of them suggest matte colors. Etude house has eye shadows for 3,500 won so I thought they would be perfect to practice with. I also got some eye primer for when I am happy with the look and want to wear it out.

By then it was getting pretty late and my feet were ready to head home. It’s amazing how much a shopping trip can take out of you. I had to come home and take a nap as I was so tired.

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    1. The scent is really strong when you first put it on, it’s crazy. It does fade after a few minutes luckily otherwise it would be a bit much for me I think.


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