Review – Nature Republic Magic Remover Facial Tissue

Natures Republic Magic Wipes 01

Natures Republic Magic Wipes 01

I picked up a small purse pack of these Nature Republic Magic Remover Facial Tissues as an impulse buy last month. I was buying a few other things and they just happened to be at the counter so I threw it in with my purchases. You never know when you might need a makeup remover wipe.

I’ve never really used wipes that much, I use makeup remover mostly or just cleanser and water so I was not expecting much. Since starting my blog however I have been swatching products a lot more and I have also been experimenting with my makeup a lot more too. I use these wipes so I don’t have to go to the bathroom every five minutes and wash things off.

I used up the little pack quite quickly and so I recently went back to Nature Republic to get some more. I got the bigger 60 sheets pack this time which should last me a while.


These come in a typical wipe pack, and you can get them in the small purse pack or the larger 60 sheet pack. The smaller one just has the re-sealable cover while the bigger one has a plastic lid that clicks down and ensures that the wipes stay moist and fresh. They are very easy to access and convenient for quick use.

Natures Republic Magic Wipes 02

On the package it says ‘this gentle cleansing facial conveniently cleanses the skin with soft feeling.’

The color of the packet is a really light pastel mint green, on the top it has a picture of some chamomile flowers as it has this ingredient in the wipes. The look is nice, it does not tacky or out of place on my makeup table.

Look, feel and smell:

The wipes look pretty much just like any other wipe, they are quite soft but sturdy. Each tissue is about 21cm high by 11.5cm wide. They are a good size for wipes and I usually just need the one or sometimes two if I’m removing a whole face of makeup.

They are slightly damp but not overly so, they don’t drip or anything. The moisture in them is a really nice and mild cleanser. I can use them on my eye makeup and they don’t irritate my eyes at all.

The smell is fresh and clean, there is chamomile in them so I would guess that is what it smells like. I actually don’t know what chamomile smells like so I can’t say for sure but it’s pleasant and subtle.


The Magic Wipes are super easy to use, you just wipe them over your makeup and it’s gone. Usually it only takes one pass. Sometimes a bit more, I have some stubborn lip stains that take a bit more effort but I have not found anything that these won’t remove yet.

Natures Republic Magic Wipes 03 Natures Republic Magic Wipes 04 Natures Republic Magic Wipes 05

In the first photo, above, I swatched a Lioele Pencil Eye Liner, and E.L.F Lip Stain, a Rimmel Lip Lacquer and a NYX Lip Butter. In the second photo you can see where I have removed half the line, this was just with a couple of swipes and the only one that was a little hard was the stain (which is really durable).The final photo is after I wiped over the whole area properly, you don’t have to press very firmly the remover does all the work.

On the packet the directions say to ‘Take out a tissue and remove lip and eye makeup by gently blotting out makeup from the center of the face outwards. Wash off with our cleansing foam.’

These Magic Wipes have come in very handy, I keep them with my makeup and they are so easy to use and really get rid of anything. I would definitely recommend them.

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