Review – Giverny Sweet Wish Sensitive Lash Coloring Mascara

Sweet Wish Mascara 02

I bought this Giverny Sweet Wish Mascara not too long ago in my last Watson’s Haul . I’ve been using it quite a lot so I thought I would do a review.

Sweet Wish Mascara 01

I got it because it has a mini brush, I had never seen this before I received a Mizon mascara as a gift with purchase a little while ago. I loved the brush but the mascara was a bit dry  When I saw this one I thought it would be perfect for everyday wear so I got it in brown – ‘Double Shot Brown’ is the official name.


The packaging is very nice, it comes in a diamond shaped box. The mascara itself is quite small and slim. The wand part is a pink champagne color with brown hourglass geometric patterns. The base is black with the name of the mascara and the brand.

Sweet Wish Mascara 02

The wand part is longer than the base and I always get confused by this. Most of the time the lid part is shorter so I quite often open it the wrong way. Luckily it’s not really a flowing liquid so it does not spill.

I like how slim it is, it makes taking it on-the-go very easy. Not that I take my mascara out with me very often but for travel it would be good.

Look, feel and smell:

The color I got is ‘Double Shot Brown’, there was another brown color and a black also in this range. I just wanted something for everyday use and I like to wear brown for that, it’s more subtle. It’s a good match for my natural color as I don’t really notice much of a change, just a bit of a darkening.

It has a slightly wet consistency which I like, some mascaras are too dry and I feel like they are not really doing much and then others are too gluggy and you feel like the are putting too much on. This is a good in between product.

Sweet Wish Mascara 03

It does have a slightly chemical smell as do most mascaras, I only noticed because I purposefully sniffed it. It’s actually not as bad as others that I have had.

The thing I like the most about it and why I got it is the brush. It’s a mini size, on the box it says it is 3.0mm and I think they also have smaller ones too. I will definitely be looking more into their line next time I go back to Watsons as these tiny brushes are great for my eyes.

Sweet Wish Mascara 04


This mascara is super-easy to use. I have quite sensitive eyes, I can’t put contacts in them or anything, I bought some colored contacts once and couldn’t get them anywhere near my eyes. Lucky I don’t need glasses. On top of that I’m not very steady of hand, I often end up either getting mascara on my face or else poking myself in the eye which ends with mascara on my face and a red and watering eye.

Sweet Wish Mascara 05

The big volumizing bushes that you get can be slightly awkward for me, not that I’m going to give them up but for every day wear this mascara is a really nice alternative. I don’t need big dark lashes on a regular basis, I want that if I am doing a full makeup look, like for going out at night, but usually just lengthening and darkening is fine.

The little brush is really good for getting all of the hairs, right into the corner and especially good for doing the lower lash. Even if you use another one for the top this would be perfect for doing the lower lashes separately. It’s much more manoverable in the smaller areas than the bigger brushes.

It still gives a good lengthening coverage, if I jut put on one coat then it’s good for casual day wear giving the lashes just a little extra oomph. But if I need something more bold I can layer it on and then the lashes become very defined and long.

Sorry for the extreme close ups but here you can see what it looks like on my lashes after about three coats on the top and one on the bottom.

Sweet Wish Mascara 07 Sweet Wish Mascara 06

This will be an almost certain re-purchase and it was only 12,000 won (down from 15,000 won). I will also be looking at the other mascara’s in the line as I wouldn’t mind a black one too.

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