Beauty Swap – Korea/UK with Nina from Louiina

Blog Swap 01

Blog Swap 01 Look at all my goodies!

The lovely Nina from over at Louiina (make sure you check out the blog if you haven’t already) recently put out the call for beauty bloggers in different countries to do a beauty swap. It’s such a fantastic idea I knew I wanted to be part of it.

Basically what happens is that you contact someone in another country that you are blogger buddies with and agree to send each other beauty products. We agreed on how much to spend and exchanged addresses. It was all pretty easy and so much fun to shop for someone else, I love shopping for gifts. Christmas is one of my favourite times of year because I get to shop for everyone.

I just received my package yesterday and Nina certainly went above and beyond with some awesome little touches like a hand written card, some chocolate and a trashy magazine (in English yay, they are hard to find here). There was also lots of samples which is great. I buy so much stuff online I’m always pretty much just going in blind. I try to read all the reviews you lovely bloggers and vloggers do so that I at least have some idea of what I am buying. Samples make things so much easier.

For the makeup there is a gorgeous Sleek eye shadow palette, some MUA lipsticks and an eye shadow trio another lip product called Loud Mouth. There is also a pretty highlighter, a blush and a makeup brush which will be great for travelling as it has a brush on both ends.

Blog Swap 02 Blog Swap 03 Blog Swap 04 Blog Swap 05 Blog Swap 06 Blog Swap 07 20150428_004048

There were also lots of other bits and bobs like a lush bath bomb, philosophy hand cream, cute fake eyelashes. face mask, eye-makeup removers. It just goes on and on.

It was so much fun to open everything and will be awesome to try out some new things. I will put up some reviews in the future. Thanks to Nina for setting this up and sending such an awesome package. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I have enjoyed mine.

UPDATE: If you want to see the other side of the beauty swap visit Louiina here.

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