BB Battle (Round 2) – Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit

Etude House Bright Fit BB 1

Oh Korea, you and your need to name everything with the longest names you can imagine.

Etude House Bright Fit BB 1 Etude House Bright Fit BB 2

So the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit is our next contender in the ‘BB Cream Battle’. I’ve had this one for almost as long as the Peripera I Love BB that I reviewed in Round 1. It was recommend by another acquaintance and was one of those times when someone looks so flawless you have to ask what they are using.

On the tube it says this product is SPF30/PA++ and whitening & Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Darkening. I like that it’s very clear that it’s both Whitening and Anti-Darkening – on the back it reiterates in case we were in fact unclear ‘Brightening OK! Darkenng ZERO!

A lot of the original BB creams that came out a few years ago have whitening in them. Koreans like this as it is touted as the ‘beauty ideal’. I’ve noticed that it’s easier to find them without it now but I remember when I first started looking it was just about impossible to find anything without some kind of whitening. In the end I just decided just to buy it anyway, I don’t use it everyday so I don’t think it will do much to my skin. If I was using it as an everyday BB cream then I would be a bit more careful about the ingredients.

The Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit comes in 4 shades – Light Beige (N02), Sand Beige (W15), Natural Beige (W13), Honey Beige (W24). It’s actually quite a vast selection for BB cream. The one I have is Natural Beige (W13), I actually think this is a tad to dark for me. I used to use it all the time but since getting some others I have not used it for a while as I find that my new ones match better. In trying it on again I’ve found it’s just a bit darker than my skin tone, maybe in summer it might be better.

The packaging is Etude House pretty. The tube is light pink with little gold and white stars around the name. One really good thing about this one is that it comes in a pump, it is so much easier to use. The tube easily sits on it’s lid so you can stand it up in your makeup area and it’s a good size at 60g. I believe it came in a box the same shade as the tube but it was a while ago so I don’t have it anymore.

Etude House Bright Fit BB 3

The product has a medium consistency, this is where the pump comes in handy, it’s not super runny but enough so that it would be easy to squirt out too much if it was just a traditional tube. It’s very smooth and it applies easily. I usually just use my fingers as I find it generally gives a better finish with BB Cream. It supposedly has a silky, pearl-like sheer coverage. I would say it is silky as my skin feels nice and smooth after I apply it, not sure about the pearl-like. It’s about a medium coverage for a BB cream

Etude House Bright Fit BB 4 Etude House Bright Fit BB 5

It does look really nice on my face and has a beautiful smooth finish, I like the flawless look it gives to my cheeks. It performs okay on my problem areas such as my nose but it’s not perfect (nothing really is). I always like to set it with my Etude House Sun BB Pact. It makes it last longer and look even better, it also helps to bring closer to my skin tone.

Etude House Bright Fit BB 6

It usually stays reasonably well for about 4-5 hours but I do find that it as a tendency to rub off in small amounts, I used to get it all over the collar of my jacket and it wears around my nose after a couple of hours. It’s one of those ones that if you touch your face you get minute amounts on your fingers. I almost always take my Sun BB Pact and touch up if I am going to be wearing it for a while.

This BB cream good for normal to dry skin tones, I tend to be a bit oily around my t-zone and it struggles with that. This is another reason that setting it with my Sun BB Pact is good for me.

I would give this BB a 7/10, it’s really nice but it doesn’t wear as well as I would like.

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