Beauty Bay Haul – Various (April 2015)

 Beauty Bay Haul 01

This is the third of the recent beauty shopping websites that I have tried out. It’s another mini-haul, I only got a few items as some of them were a bit more on the expensive side and I really just wanted to try the site out.

They have free shipping to Korea if you spend over £15, which is not hard to do.

DuWop Reverse Lip Liner

Another DuWop product (I also got some Lip Venom in my Lookfantastic Haul) but not by design, I saw this and thought it looked like a great idea, I had not seen it before but since then I have seen a few different reviews for similar products. I am always on the lookout for new products to make my lips look good and help my application. I don’t have the most steady hand so I often make smudges when doing my lip liner and lipstick. Basically you line the outside of your lips with colorless pencil and stops feathering. It also comes with it’s own pencil sharpener.

Duwop Reverse Liner 01 Duwop Reverse Liner 02 Duwop Reverse Liner 03


Pixi Succulent Lip Twin (Lip & Cheek Tint) in #3 Pink Peony

This looked so pretty and interesting I had to try it. I’ve seen a lot of the Pixi stuff on this website but I haven’t really seen or heard anything about the brand. I figured I may as well give it a go. Basically it is a product that has two parts to it, there is the blush that is in the top that you can see in the case the top and then there is a lip gloss that is in the tube. The tube is translucent so the color you see is the gloss. I love the stylish design, it’s very understated but chic and eye-catching at the same time.

Pixi Lip & Cheek 01 Pixi Lip & Cheek 02 Pixi Lip & Cheek 03 Pixi Lip & Cheek 04

OCC Lip Tar Matte in Memento

From Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC), this is a product I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I’ve seen it on blogs and YouTube videos a lot. I forgot that this was Matte and I’ve since decided that I’m not a huge fan of the matte look for lips, I like it for elsewhere just fine. So I was a bit worried because I thought it might be really matte but it’s actually quite nice and I think it will be fine. It comes in a super cute little tube and the tube and a mini lip brush and instruction paper come together in a little zip lock bag. It’s really adorable. As soon as you open the little bag you can smell the peppermint, it has a very strong odor. I like peppermint so it’s okay for me but if you don’t just be warned.

OCC Lip Tar 01

OCC Lip Tar 02 OCC Lip Tar 03 OCC Lip Tar 04


Anna Sui Lipstick M in #371

I was very excited to get my first Anna Sui product, of course a lipstick as I’m a lips girl. I have to say this is the most gorgeous lipstick I currently own. Anna Sui have the whole packaging thing down, it’s a thing of beauty. I love the mixed colors and the star shape. It’s so pretty that I don’t want to use it.

Anna Sui Lipstick 01 Anna Sui Lipstick 02 Anna Sui Lipstick 03

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