YouTube Highlight – Stephanie Lange

YouTube Stephanie Lange

Another of my favourite YouTubers today – Stephanie Lange.

Stephanie Lange is a Makeup Artist from Australia. She does a whole range of beauty related videos and also has a blog too. I especially like her tutorials, she has done a few of them for hooded eyes, which I have, and they have been really helpful.

One this is that she does speak really fast (with and Australian accent) but I’m used to it as that’s how we speak in New Zealand. I’ve had to slow down for teaching otherwise my kids can’t understand me.

She also does a lot of posts about foundation and skincare for covering acne and problematic skin. Her skin is not perfect so you can see she really knows what she is talking about. When you see her before and after photos it’s amazing.

I am definitely enjoying her tutorials and learning a lot. I hope you find something you like and if you have not checked out her YouTube channel then I would certainly recommend it.

2 thoughts on “YouTube Highlight – Stephanie Lange

  1. I just saw that dome shape tutorial a week ago and have done that look twice already using my Kat Von D eye contour palette. I really love it because I otherwise don’t know how to wear dark matte shadows on my hooded eyes. –Angela

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    1. Yeah, I’ve never really used eye shadow much because I didn’t know how to do it, especially because of my eyes. This one is so easy even I can manage lol.


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