WordPress Blog Giveaway – It’s My Birthday (On the 24th)


So in honor of my birthday I am holding my very first giveaway – that’s right you get the present! Yay!

This giveaway is international, the only criteria is that you must be a fellow WordPress blogger who is following my blog  – cuteprettybeauty.

Last month I ended up with two Lookfantastic Beauty Boxes so I decided to give one away. This is the April Beauty Box from Lookfantastic.com. I haven’t even opened it (Although I did have to slide out the pamphlet to check it was the right box as I have my May one due soon too), it came today and it went straight into a box to be mailed to one lucky winner. I also managed to squash a few little extras into the box I am using, so there are a few other nice surprises too.

Now because this is the very first giveaway I am keeping it simple, all you have to do to be in the draw is to be a fellow WordPress blogger who is following me. Those of you 62 lovely blogs who are already following me, you are automatically in the draw. Sorry to others who don’t have blogs or are on a different host site but this time round I just want to keep it to one platform as I don’t want to get confused. If this goes well than I might branch out next time.

This is also a bit of a thank you to the WordPress blogger community who have been so very nice and welcoming to me and my site since I started in March. Please tell your fellow blogging friends and feel free to re-blog if you want to spread the word.

Entries close on my birthday – Sunday 24th of May 2015 at 11.59pm New Zealand Time (Which is GMT+12), so just remember that NZ is ahead of most of us. Why NZ time, because that’s where I was born 🙂

I will put all the names into a random generator on that day and contact the winner via email or their blog or whatever you have under your contact details.

Here is a sneak peek at the box one lucky WordPress blog owner(s) will be receiving:

Birthday Giveaway 2015

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