Shop Haul – The Saem (May 2015)

The Saem Lip Haul 01

I did a little shopping this week and actually visited the physical store. I had not been to the new ‘The Saem’ store since it opened in my neighbourhood a fair few months back. I kept meaning to but had just not got around to it. I saw a lip balm that I wanted to try on Instagram so I figured I may as well pop in and pick up a few things.

The Saem Lip Haul 01

I got mostly lip products, that’s not exactly unusual for me and if you have been following my blog you probably noticed a pattern by now. I have to say ‘The Saem’ has a lot of lip products, I was a bit overwhelmed by the selection and they were well priced too.

One thing that is a bit different about this shop is that the models at the moment are boys, they are the K-Pop band SHINee. Not that there is anything wrong with this, I am all for gender equality, and to be honest some of the boys in this band are just as pretty as girls, (seriously a few of them if I didn’t know it was a boy band I might not be sure if they were a boy or a girl. I’ve also seen other billboard type signs up before where it’s not entirely clear).

Most of the lip things I got are from the Saemmul line which translates to ‘Fountain’ just in case you are looking them up on an English site. They may use that English translation. I also got couple from the Eco Soul line too.

Sorry I didn’t get time to open them all up and take photos but will try to do so on Instagram over the weekend if you are curious.

Fruits Punch Hand Cream in Quince Punch (3,900 won)

This is a present for my Mum for Mother’s Day. I’m going to send her some stuff soon, it won’t get there by the 10th but she knows not to expect much. She just got her birthday box about a week ago and her birthday was in January. Anyway she really likes pears, it’s her favourite fruit so I thought this would be nice. But I think it is actually supposed to be a quince now that I am reading the details, well she likes them too. I think it looks more like a pear. They also have some other fruits like apple and peach but I don’t think their packaging is as nice as the Tony Moly versions of the same fruits.

The Saem Fruit Punch Quince

Sheet Masks (1,000 won each – I can’t remember what the deal made them but this was the listed price in store)

They had a deal on sheet masks so I ended up getting a few of these. They make good gifts so they will always get used one way or another.

The Saem Sheet Masks

Saemmul Chok Chok Cake Balm in 01 Red Chocolate Mousse (4,900 won)

The Color of this looked amazing so I wanted to try it. There are four in the series but this color just looked so rich and amazing it was no contest. It has a dark burgundy color and a chocolate scent. It’s also in a cute little pink tin which is nice.

The Saem Chok Cake Balm 01

Saemmul Honey Sugar Lip Balm #4 Petal Tart (5,000 won)

I love lip balm, you might know this about me already. I’ve done a post about them previously and I’m sure there will be more in the future. I just can’t help myself especially as it has honey and sugar two of my favourite things.

The Saem Sugar Lip Balm

Saemmul Wrapping Tint in RD02 Real Red (5,000 won)

This is another of the ‘tint packs’ that are popular at the moment. I am collecting a few of them and will do a review and comparison on them in a few weeks.

The Saem Wrapping Tint Real Red

Saemmul Jelly Pop Tint Stick in 04 Cranberry Shake (7,500 won)

I like the Jelly type lipsticks and glosses, they are fun and usually have a nice sheen to them. The packaging is cute with the jelly beans on the lid.

The Saem Jelly Pop Tint Cranberry Shake

Saemmul Jelly Gloss in 07 Mango Yellow (3,500 won)

Who can resist a gloss, not me that’s for sure. I have so many I need to stop buying them and start using up the ones that I have. I didn’t get a pink one this time, to be different and I like mango so that works out well.

The Saem Jelly Gloss Mango Yellow

Saemmul Honey Sugar Scrub (6,000 won)

I’ve been trying out a few different scrubs recently so wanted to give this one a try. I love stuff with honey in it.

The Saem Honey Lip Scrub

Eco Soul Henna Marker Tint in 05 Color De Berry (8,000 won)

These looked interesting and super pigmented so I had to take one home to play with. It’s one of those long lasting ones, and if it has henna in it I am thinking it might live up to that. I’m not a huge fan of the look that tints give but I like to try different things out. You never know what you might find. I like the round tip on the pen, it’s supposed to work so you get that gradient look that is so popular in Korea at the moment.

The Saem Henna Marker Tint 01 The Saem Henna Marker Tint 02

Eco Soul Kiss Button Lip in 10 Purity Lip (9,000 won)

Another one mostly for interests sake, it has a button on the end that you push instead of the traditional twist case. It’s supposed to be a ‘melted, glossy’ look and the directions say to apply slowly so the lipstick is melted by the skin’s temperature. When I swatched it in store it was soft and creamy and felt really nice which is why I got it. I don’t have a lot of nude colors so I’ve been buying a few of them recently to try and round out my collection.

The Saem Kiss Button 01 The Saem Kiss Button 02

I also got some nice gifts with purchase, a full size deep cleansing foam and some sample essence, toner and emulsions. I’m sure I will definitely be going back soon, there were a lot of things that looked interesting and I only just scratched the surface.


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