YouTube Highlight – Bebexo

YouTube Bebexo

Todays YouTube Highlight is a recent discovery of mine and I am absolutely in love with this YouTuber. The name of the YouTube channel is Bebexo and her name is Nee. She mainly does hair tutorials but also some makeup, style and lifestyle ones as well.

Her hair videos are the ones that I am excited about at the moment. I have really long hair, it’s thick and curly and the only thing I ever do with it is a ponytail and a bun. I’ve never been very good at doing my hair, and not very creative. I love braids but can only do the basic one and my hair never sits right when I try it.

The main bulk of Nee’s videos are easy-to-follow hair tutorials for an amazing array of styles She does a voice over rather than just talking while doing and I find it is a great way to show clearly and give excellent instructions. The videos contain just what needs to be done, there’s not a lot of extra chatting, (I don’t mind that sometimes) so they are really easy to follow. The tutorials are so simple and clear that even I can do the basic ones. She does a lot of faux braids where you twist the hair in such a way that it resembles a braid but is so much simpler and quicker.

Below is a sample of some of her very simple faux braids. I did the first one in the video below when I went out for some drinks last night and it was so easy, I did it with my curly hair and it looked just as good as hers with the straight hair. It was super quick and I did not even have to start again or anything, I did it once and that was done. My friends were very impressed so I had to share my secret and now I am sharing with you.

She has so many videos, I’ve only just started and there are so much more to watch. I’ve already found a few more styles that I can’t wait to try out. There so many different hairstyles from the simple one I showcased here to much more elaborate styles. You are sure to find something new that you can have a go at.

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