Review – Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Glow

Secret Key Sweet Glam 01

The Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Glow is a dupe for a similar Dior product. I did not even know that until after I had had the Secret Key one for quite a while. I’ve been using it for a few years now and have bought many for friends and family because they make really nice gifts.

It’s more of a lip balm than a lipstick and it’s very hydrating for your lips. The Dior one is about US$35 dollars and I don’t know if I would ever want to spend that much for a tinted lip balm.

The great thing about the Secret Key product is that it is really cheap, most of the time on Gmarket it comes as a package deal so you get two or three for the price of one. The last time I bought it I got it from here and you get two for 14,900 won. I have never used the Dior one so I can’t say if it’s better or the same or whatever but I’m happy with Secret Key, it would just be curiosity if I ever tried the Dior one.

The original color of the Sweet Glam Tint Glow is ‘Baby Pink’  and is the main one I am reviewing today but they also now have other colors in the range. There is ‘Chic Burgundy’, ‘Fuchsia Purple’ and ‘Juicy Orange’. I have them all except the orange one as I don’t like orange for makeup, it doesn’t suit me. I will swatch the ones I have here because I probably won’t do a specific review on all the different colors.

Secret Key Sweet Glam 01 Secret Key Sweet Glam 02

This is a video from YouTube that advertises all of the different shades so you can see them on.


The packaging for all of the lipsticks are similar, the boxes are chic and pretty and the different shades are reflected in the colors of the designs on the boxes. The last time I bought them I got two of the original and then one each of the new colors as the deal was two-for-one.

Secret Key Sweet Glam 04

The lipstick cases are really nice too but are obviously made to resemble the Dior ones. The cap is a pretty baby pink cube shape with Sweet Glam Tint Glow written in silver along one side. Then the lipstick base that you pull out is all silver. They are quite sturdy, I have it in my purse a lot and I’ve never had any issues.

Secret Key Sweet Glam 03

The cases are identical for each of the new colors so it’s annoying because you can’t tell which is which. The pink case is a little translucent so if they are standing up you can see through the top and make out which ones are the darker colors.

Look, feel and smell:

The original Sweet Glam looks translucent pink but it changes color on contact with skin. It is supposed to change to match to your lips. When you swatch it it comes up as a very light, sheer pink color and then changes to more of a medium pink.

When you first put it on your lips it does not look like much, just a shiny lip cover but it grows darker over the next few minutes. It’s turns out as a lovely natural pink with a hint of shine. It’s great if you want to wear a lipstick but don’t want anything too time consuming or ostentatious. You don’t need a liner or anything just smooth it on and go, it’s very simple to use and low maintenance.

Fuchsia Purple is a nice pinky purple color, it’s quite sheer and looks like it will be more pastel like the actual stick looks until you blend it in. Like the original it’s has a little bit of a shine and like the Baby Pink it is very understated but nonetheless pretty.

Chic Burgundy is a gorgeous pink burgundy color, it’s one of my favourite colors of all my lipsticks. It’s not really bright like other lipsticks but still has a great color. It’s hard to describe but it’s just a more natural shade, not as in-your-face. It has a lovely sheen to it and really enhances your lips.

They all feel nice and smooth on your lips and have balm like qualities. This makes them very forgiving if you have dry lips. None of them have any particular smell nor do they really taste like anything.


You use like any other lipstick, Baby Pink is very subtle and good for day wear. I like it because you can’t really see that someone is wearing it. It just enhances your own lips.

Because it has that glossy sheen to it you can probably guess that it is not very long lasting, it will hold up for an hour or two if you don’t eat or drink. It’s so subtle that it doesn’t look bad as it wears off so it’s really low maintenance. I always take it with me for touch ups, it’s the lipstick that is most often found in my purse.

It’s also a good emergency product that you can use anywhere because it’s very subtle. You don’t really even need a mirror if you are in a bind, it’s much like a lip balm – just smooth it on, press your lips together and you should be fine. It’s not dark enough for it to be noticeable if it goes over the lip line or to smudge.

All of the colors are buildable so you can use them very lightly to give a tint like effect or you can put a few coats on for more coverage. Even with a few coats they are still very lightweight, I never feel like I am wearing lots of lipstick when I use these. In fact it barely feels like you are wearing anything.

The other two colors are a bit darker and so they require a bit more care that the original. They all have the ability to match well with your lips. The other two are nice colors but the original Baby Pink will always be my favourite because of it’s ease of use, the Chic Burgundy does comes a close second however.

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