Blog Tag – The ‘Me Time’ Tag

Tag Photo - Me Time

Tag Photo - Me Time

I haven’t really done any of these ‘Tag’ posts before but Dina over at Cardiff Beauty Blog tagged me so I thought I may as well give it a go.

1. What do you watch or read during me-time?
I watch a lot of TV, and I mean a lot. I tend to watch TV more than movies as I prefer the longer story lines. I have also found that it eats into my reading time and I don’t read half as much as I used to. I have made it my goal for the past few years to read at least 50 books. I read a lot of Urban Fantasy mostly and YA as it’s nice and short, I also like Mysteries and Crime.

I enjoy a lot of Fantasy type TV shows like Supernatural, The Vampire Dairies, The Originals, Teen Wolf, The 100, Constantine, Haven, Once Upon A Time and Game of Thrones but also many other different types such as Suits, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Nashville, SVU and The Mindy Project.

2. What do you wear during me-time?
Mainly just a comfy T-Shirt and some sweat-pants or yoga-pants.

3. What are your me-time beauty products?
A nice moisturizer, hand cream and lip balm.

4. Current favourite nail polish?
I don’t wear nail polish.

5. What do you eat or drink during me-time?
Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

6. Current favourite candle?
I don’t use candles.

7. Do you ever have outdoor me-time?
I like to go to the park and take photos sometimes, I fancy myself a bit of an amateur photographer so it’s nice to go and practice by myself sometimes. I can go at my own pace and meander where I like. The photo at the top is one of mine.

8. Would you ever go see a movie alone?
I used to but have not for a long time. If it was the afternoon I probably would again, but not at night. I tend to watch movies at home nowadays as its usually cheaper and easier.

9. Favourite online shop?
Gmarket (If you read my blog you probably picked up on that).

10. Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?
I do my blog, it’s something that I find fun. I like reading other blogs and chatting with bloggers in the comments. I also end up doing a lot of online shopping as I inevitably see things I want to buy and have to go and find them.

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