Gmarket and Shop Haul – VOV (May 2015)

VOV Haul 2015

VOV Haul 2015

I have bought a few VOV products (all lip ones, are you surprised?) recently, some of them online of Gmarket but I also picked up a few others from Olive Young. VOV is a drugstore line from LG Household & Health Care, as you may have realised brands in Asia are often inter-connected. There is usually a parent company and then they will have many different brands under that umbrella corporation. The Face Shop also belongs to this group as it was bought out in 2009. Often on the VOV boxes it will have The Face Shop listed as a distributer.

You can find VOV at the local drugstore type shops like Olive Young and Watsons but I find that the ones near me don’t carry all of the ranges. VOV has a few different lines – there is the general VOV products and then they have Castle Dew, Homme and 20’s Factory. So basically they have their main range, then Castle Dew is their more fancy elegant line, Homme is for men and then 20’s Factory is aimed at the younger market.

I got the ‘Castle Dew‘ products off Gmarket because I have not seen them in store, I got the three lipsticks first and really liked them. I love the packaging on this line, it’s so shiny and elegant.

Most of the 20’s Factory line is available in store and so I picked up a couple of these while I was in Olive Young a few days ago. While there I swatched the Tint Fit ones and absolutely loved the color ‘Purple Planet’, of course this was the only one they didn’t have in stock. I bought ‘Mystery Purple’ which is also nice but I wanted the other one so much I went straight home and found it on Gmarket. I also figured I may as well order a couple of other things while I was at it.

Castle Dew ColorShot Lips in no.PK130 Midnight Pink, no.257 Cool Brown Setting, no.558 Lady Rose Setting [8,640 won]

Castle Dew Color Shot 01 Castle Dew Color Shot 02 Castle Dew Color Shot 03

Castle Dew Over Setting Tint in no.3 Sweet Pink [4,320 won]

Castle Dew Tint 01 Castle Dew Tint 02

20’s Factory Spicy Lip Pigment in no.8 Draw Red [8,000 won]

20s Factory Spicy Lip 01 20s Factory Spicy Lip 02

20’s Factory What You Want Lip Tint in no.3 Isn’t She Vivid [12,000 won]

20s Factory Tint 01 20s Factory Tint 02

VOV Tinted Fit Lip Color Stick in no.6 Purple Planet (bottom swatch) and no.7 Mystery Purple (top swatch) [8,100 won online and 9,000 won in store]

VOV Tint Fit 01 VOV Tint Fit 02

Castle Dew Gel Coat Lip Rouge in no. 7 Red Hommage [15,840 won]

Castle Dew Gel Coat 01 Castle Dew Gel Coat 02

VOV Over Setting Gloss Crystal Glitter in no.1 Real Gem Pink [7,600 won]

This one is a bit weird because it is packaged like one of the Castle Dew ones but does not have it on the box, it says VOV where it usually says Castle Dew. The bottle is also slightly different to the ones on the website and the colors are different. The only thing I can think of is that maybe it’s a previous version and they have since updated it.

Castle Dew Gloss 01 Castle Dew Gloss 02

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