Favourite Jewellery – Jill Main New Zealand

Jill Main Earrings

Jill Main Earrings

Today I wanted to show you some of my favourite earrings. My sister bought these for me last year for my birthday. I sent her a reminder to visit my favourite boutique in Wellington if she was stuck for something to get me. Unfortunately that store has just closed down which is sad.

She knew that I liked Jill Main from earlier discussions so she picked out these cute little earrings for me. I really like them because they are a little bit New Zealand but not overly so. I love my country but I’m not one of those people who have to wear it emblazoned over a T-shirt or anything.

Jill Main is a product line that is handmade in New Zealand, they produce jewellery, clothing, accessories and home ware. It’s all designed to be eco-friendly and uses local products where available. You can find out more and check out some of their other products on the website – here.

These earrings are made from aluminium with silver ear hooks. The aluminium makes them very lightweight which is nice because my ears are sensitive and don’t really like it when I wear anything too heavy. The design on them is of a native New Zealand bird the kereru or New Zealand Wood Pigeon.  You can also get the earrings with other designs, they have some different birds and also some with native New Zealand plants on them.

Jill Main Earring

I think they are really sweet, they are nice if I just want something simple with a little color. Because they are not long I find they don’t get caught in my hair and they are often more wearable than some of my other pairs. It’s nice to bring a bit of Kiwiana to Korea.

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