Review – Etude House ‘Goodbye Pore Ever’ Pore Primer Essence & Stick

Today’s review is actually two products as they are two versions of the same thing. They are the Etude House ‘Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence’ and the ‘Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Stick’. Who can resist a good pun!

Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever

These primers are from one of my favourite shops – Etude House. You have probably realised by now that I spend a lot of time and money in this store. Everything is just so pretty and cheap.

These products are very reasonably priced, the essence is 9,500 won and the stick was around the same price if I remember rightly but I have not seen it for while so I’m not sure if it is actually still available.

I have been using both of these products for a long time, I got them for the first time around the same time but to be honest the stick has languished in the back of my makeup drawer. I almost forgot I even had it. Not that it’s necessary bad or anything I just found that the essence was easer to use and I just forgot about using the other one.

I have not really tried many primers, this was the first I ever used as I did not have much experience with makeup before I came to Korea. This was recommend to me and I’ve been using it ever since.


They both come in a light blue box, the tube and stick are that same blue color. As per all things Etude House, they have really thought about the packaging.

Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever

The boxes have a flap at the back shaped like the silhouette of a face which is really eye catching. This is the essence box as I just repurchased it. I bought the stick a while back so don’t have the box anymore but it was very similar.


Claims on the box, Moisturizing makeup primer masks pores to subdue sebum and improve makeup coverage.

The essence is your basic primer and it’s the one I use the most. It’s one that I have seen lots of other beauty bloggers and vloggers using also.

The tube contains 20mls and a little goes a long way. It spreads very easy and the tube has a fine nozzle so you don’t end up squeezing too much (as long as you are not over zealous). I’m only just onto my second tube, the first one lasted me ages as I don’t wear makeup every day.

It goes on very smooth and easy and leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft. I’m not sure how much it minimizes pores, it does help smooth things out but I have quite large pores and you can still see them after application.

It has a creamy lotion like consistency but once blended in it’s not really heavy or anything. It blends easily and absorbs into the skin very fast leaving no visible residue. The color is a light peachy color but it goes onto the skin translucent.

I, of course only really use BB Cream these days so have not tried it with foundation. I have heard mixed reviews from different people. I got it in the first place because a friend recommended it to me and she really liked it. I have combination skin and the only problem I have is that sometimes my nose gets really oily and shiny. This does not help that very much but overall it does help my makeup last longer and helps to give my skin a nice smooth look.

The main thing I use it for is to help to make the skin smooth and ready for the BB Cream which then goes on easier too.

Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever


The stick goes on a little more dry than the essence but then once you blend it out it becomes much smoother, I always blend it with my finger after I smeer it on. Not sure if that is how it is supposed to be used but it works for me.

After you put it on you can see where you have applied it, it does help to minimizes the pores a bit more than the essence but it’s still not a magical fix. I think it would be good if you don’t have much to hide, I have quite large pores on my nose.

I find that it is harder (longer) to apply than the essence. If you are only applying it to a small area then it’s fine. It leaves the skin looking matte and feeling super smooth. I actually really like the feel of my skin after I apply this, it kind-of has a soft powdery finish.

The stick is a peachy color like the essence and it also applies translucently.

Etude House Pore Ever Stick 01 Etude House Pore Ever Stick 02


Both of these are nice products, they last about the same amount of time with similar coverage. I never wear makeup for very long but have not noticed much of a difference between wear. I tend to use the essence more because it’s a bit quicker and easier to use. I do like the coverage of my pores just a little better with the stick but as I mentioned I don’t think it’s available anymore as I have not seen it for a while.

I just re-purchased the essence a few days ago even though I’m not out of my current tube. It’s nice to have the next one ready to go when you run out.

Overall I like the tube for ease of use but I think that the stick actually gives a slightly nicer finish for covering pores in small areas.

5 thoughts on “Review – Etude House ‘Goodbye Pore Ever’ Pore Primer Essence & Stick

    1. I think it’s well worth it for the price, it’s a solid everyday primer. I was looking at the one from Smashbox and it’s like $70 NZ dollars. I just couldn’t justify paying that much for a primer.

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      1. Oh gosh no – that’s just so expensive, especially when there are some really great pocket friendly alternatives that probably do almost as great a job 😉 X

        Liked by 1 person

    1. You might have to do some digging, I have not seen it in store for a while but you might have luck online where stores have some older stock. Good luck let me know if you find it.

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