First Impressions – VDL x Kakao Friends line


Today I popped into to my local VDL store to see if they had the new collaboration line with Kakao Friends. I had being seeing it on Instagram so thought I should check it out.

Kakao Talk is a popular message app that is used here in Korea, it also has other functions that have been added since it’s inception, like games and comics. It has a lot of cross functionality and is widely used here in South Korea. They have a set of characters associated with it and these are the ‘Kakao Friends’ that have been used for this collaboration.

Kakao Friends

I’m not a huge can of these characters, I use Kakao talk like most people in Korea but it’s not something I was super excited about. However the pictures on Instagram did look very cute, bright and fun so I thought it was worth a look.

Once I saw everything I decided to grab a few items to see what it’s like, I do like VDL they do some nice products and have some great colors. I’m really glad I did, as overall I am very happy with my purchases.

I just got four things, I did want one of the blushers but they were all sold out. I got a mascara, a lip stick/balm, a gel pencil and a color pot.

VDL Kakao Display

This is the stand at the VDL store, the sales girl kindly let me take a quick photograph. Everything is very bright and fun. I have to say it’s kind of a refreshing change from the more pink and princessey colors that are mostly on offer here in Korea, not that I don’t love that, it’s just nice to have something different once in a while.

Also if you follow VDL on Kakao Talk you can get a 5,000 won discount coupon. I happened to be holding my phone when I purchased these so the sales girl actually did it on my phone for me.

VDLxKakao Bag VDLxKakao Bag

Even the bag it came in is cute, it has the character on one side and then on the other side is it’s back. I also got some nice sample gifts. I got a sunblock and essence kit, some face cleanser samples and some cotton pads.

Okay lets get down to it and take a look at what I got from the VDL x Kakao Friends line:

VDL Festive Lipstick Glow Balm in 01 Jared

They have three colors in the lipsticks, or lip balms as they are the really sheer balm type product. There is a light pink, an orange and the red that I got.

What I like best about these is the packaging, everything is super cute. They really went all out with the details, the character is called ‘APeach’ and you can see this on the box. Then the actual tube is this bright neon yellow which is awesome, so festive and fun.

Once you open it up the character is actually carved onto the stick (You can’t see it that well in the photos but I included both sides), on the front you can see it’s face and then on the opposite side is the back of the character. It also has VDL on the very tip on the stick.

The tube is magnetized too which I always like, it helps the lid go on easier and also to stay on.

VDLxKakao Festive Lipstick 01 VDLxKakao Festive Lipstick 01 VDLxKakao Festive Lipstick 01 VDLxKakao Festive Lipstick 01


VDL Festival Pot Eyes (Cluster) in 06 Neo

I wanted one of these pots because they were so cute but I was not that excited about the colors. They are mousse/cream type eye shadows and are very pigmented.

They had four pots available with different characters. There was a gold color, a pink color and a yellow/green color and then the grey one I got. I picked this one which is the character ‘Neo’ because it was quite different. It swatches with lots of different colors through it which looks much nicer than it looks in the pot. Not sure how much I will use it but at least it is super cute.

One thing to note is that this stuff is glittery, I swatched two of them on my hands then rubbed them to remove it and ended up with hands full of sparkles.

I  just tried this on at it’s better than I thought, it comes out as a smokey grey with specks of color strewn thought it. The colors in it are very subtle but it is still really sparkly, I would only wear this if I was going for a night out.

VDLxKakao Eye Shadow Neo VDLxKakao Eye Shadow Neo


VDL Gel Pencil (Contour) in 203 Cinnamon Spice

I have a few Gel Pencils but I don’t use them that often, I just really liked the color on this one. The picture dosen’t do it justice as it has a beautiful bronze sheen to it.

It’s quite stubborn too, I swatched it on my arm and then rubbed it to remove it and it did not even budge. The gel pencils are a bit shimmery, not as much as the pots but still have a bit of a shine to them.

I gave this a quick try and it went on nicely. Very smooth and even. I look forward to checking it out some more. The color is really nice and I’m happy I got it.

VDLxKakao Gel Pencil VDLxKakao Gel Pencil VDLxKakao Gel Pencil


VDL Water Bomb Mascara

I’m not a huge mascara fan, I probably wear it more than a lot of other makeup but I find it generally a bit boring. I don’t buy them that often and I currently have some that I like so I was not on the look out for any more. I just picked this up to see what it was and I liked the feel of the bottle. It’s really solid and feels nice in your hand.

I was interested to see what the brush did too as it was a bit of a different shape to any that I currently have.

So I tried this out quickly and was extremely happy with it. It was easy to apply. smooth, and the brush was not too big. It gave an immediate boost to my lashes making them longer, fuller and darker. I think this might be a new favourite black one for me but will have to try it out a bit more before I am sure.

VDLxKakao Water Bomb Mascara VDLxKakao Water Bomb Mascara


5 thoughts on “First Impressions – VDL x Kakao Friends line

  1. I AM SO HAPPY TO READ THIS THAT I HAVE TO SHOUT!! The packaging is sooooo cute and I’m glad VDL didn’t just stick some pictures of the Kakaofriends on the boxes. VDL actually injected personality into the products and the shopping bag.

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