Shopping Day in South Korea – Birthday Edition (24/05/2015)

Birthday Haul

I know, I know, this is a tad late. I’ve been meaning to get it up for a while but just have not gotten around to it. Posts that are going to have a lot of photos can be a bit of an effort. I was originally all set to get this finished for Friday but I was working on it when I started to get a headache so had to stop. That’s why I’m a couple of days overdue for posting.

Anywho… so for my birthday a friend and I went shopping in Seoul, we went to an area called Hongdae. I really wanted to go to a cosmetics café that they have in this area, so that was the reason I chose it. However after walking around in the heat for a while we were pretty wiped out, I decided that we could go to the café some other time. We also went through Sinchon as that was where we got our bus from so we visited a few stores there and then when we got home also did a bit of shopping on the way to dinner. All and all it was quite the shopping excursion and I got a lot of stuff.

Birthday Haul

First up was Forever 21, I would not have bothered but my friend wanted to see if they had any cheap sunglasses. It was quite a sunny day. I did however manage to make it worth while and ended up getting a bag, a couple of cheap necklaces, a hair band, some exfoliating gloves and tweezers. The last two were impulse counter buys, I am the reason they have those things at the counter.

Next was MAC, they have a big shop in Hongdae now. This was the first time I had visited and I wanted to see if they had any of the newer stuff that I have been seeing online recently but it seems like they don’t get a lot of what is available in America. Not to worry as I did not leave empty handed, I got this cute makeup bag. It was a big pricey, I can’t remember but it was about 30,000 won or so. I like it because it has Hongdae on it in Korean, the girl said that it’s exclusive to their store so that is pretty cool. I like souvenir type things like this.

MAC Makeup Bag

Next we visited some of the usual suspects like Etude House, we actually went to more than one Etude House, I can’t remember why. This is one that we visited, I think this one was in Sinchon. It was too cute, I had to take a photo.

Etude House Sinchon

I decided to get the Cinderella Magic Any Cushion Pact, it’s so pretty and I didn’t have one from Etude House, it was 10,000 won and then you have to buy the product separately from their refills. The good thing about it is that you can buy refills easily, they didn’t have the shade I wanted so I had to get the next best one. I figure it’s not too bad as I can get the other one I wanted next time. The refills are 10,000 won each.

Etude House Cinderella Pact Etude House Cinderella Pact

I also got one of the Etude House Give Me Chocolate Eye Shadows in #03 Cacao Fudge, it was the only one they had. Lastly the Dreaming Swan Veiling Pact which is another thing I had been eyeing for a while.

Etude House Give Me Chocolate Dreaming Swan Veiling Pact

One of the main things that I wanted to do was to go to some of the stores that we don’t have where I live.

I got quite a few things at Beyond, they have a lot of cute products and I like their eco friendly themes. Most of them were for presents so I’m not keeping all of it for myself here. I have to say, the lipsticks are probably the cutest that I own, I don’t know if I will ever be able to use them.

I got most of the hand creams and mists that are shaped like bears. There are three, a white bear a brown bear and a panda. The smaller ones are the hand creams, the larger are mist sprays. The only one I didn’t get was the panda mist. I’m going to keep one hand cream and one mist.

The green tube is a melon facial wash that I talk about in my post all about melon products.

Beyond Eco Products

I bought three Save Us! Lipsticks although I could easily have bought them all and still might. The clear one is shaped like a polar bear and is #07 Lip Balm, the second one is shaped like a dolphin and is #02 Pink and the last one is either a seal or an otter and is #03 Beige.

Beyond Save Us Lipsticks Beyond Save Us Lipsticks

I got two products from Espoir, these were both new products that were out on the stand as you walk in which is why they caught my eye. The first is a Tint Marker & Lip Balm Duo in #PP701 Passion Struck. The other is a Stick Eye Shadow & Cluster Duo in the shade Glorious.  I don’t usually go for eye sticks but I really liked this color.


Espoir Lip Duo Espoir Lip Duo
Espoir Eye Duo Espoir Eye Duo

At Banila Co. it was also just two products, although I did buy a couple of presents here too. These two lip colors are so pretty, I’m really happy with both of them. The lipstick is one of the ‘Glam Muse Luster Lipsticks’ in #LPP 656 and the tint is ‘The Kissest Water Beam Tint’ in #01 Garosu Aura.

Banila Co Lips

Banila Co Lips Banila Co Lips Banila Co Lips

We did go to Watsons but I was very restrained, I guess because we have one here. I did get one thing which was a highlighter from Canmake (Japanese Brand), it’s called ‘Glow Fleur Highlighter’ in #02 Illuminate Light. It was just so pretty and shiny, it was begging to be picked up an taken home. I also got some chocolate too but that’s long gone 🙂

Canmake Highlighter Canmake Highlighter

Once back in our own neighbourhood (with very sore feet) we called into A’Pieu to look at the Garfield Air Fit Cushion, I had seen them on Instagram so knew they were out soon and had to have one. Lucky the sales girl was just putting them out, they are really cheap too at 5,800 won. Compared to the Etude House one where I had to buy the case and refill for 20,000 won, although the Etude House one does have a bit more product in it.

While there I also picked up a small eye shadow palette, mainly because it looked really pretty and one of the colors is a really nice subtle wine/purple color. This is ‘Full of Color Eyes’ and it’s the rose palette called ‘My Daily’. They also had another one that was coral based. There are eight colors with three finishes, matte, shimmer and sparkling.

A'PIEU Garfield Cushion A'PIEU Eye Shadow Palette

And last but not least, Innisfree, where I got the Innisfree Long Wear Cushion in a Summer Cushion Kit. I have been eyeing this cushion for ages but it was another one like the Etude House one that I just never got around to purchasing. The kit came with a primer too which is nice, it’s the Cushion Primer with Jeju green tea and mineral powder.

Innisfree Long Wear Cushion

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