Review – Lioele Lip Color Stick

Lioele Lip Color Sticks

Today I am reviewing three of the ‘Lioele Lip Color Sticks’ that I have. There are actually four in the series but I don’t have the orange shade. I originally got one of the pink ones with an order of some other Lioele products and I really liked it so I went back and got the other two.20150616_223229

These are a crayon type product and are super cheap, even for Korea. They are only 2,900 won each which is why I went back and got the others. There are only four colors – Hot Pink, Orange, Pink and Red.

They are supposedly a multi-function 3 in 1 product which includes, Lipstick, Lip Tint and Lip Gloss. These are version 3 of Lioele’s Lip Color Sticks as they have been updated twice so far. So if you have one that look a little different it’s probably just an earlier version.

This is the Gmarket seller where I got mine from.


The packaging on these Color Sticks is actually quite understated for Lioele. It’s definitely in their more chic range rather than the princess one that most of their products are packaged with. They do have the cross hatch motif on them which is one that you see throughout the Lioele line. 20150616_223137

The sticks are quite chunky and are black with the color of the product at the top and bottom so you can easily tell which one is which. They have a large clear plastic cap so you can also see the actual product as well.

Each of the ‘Color Sticks’ has a cartoon face of a girl on it and the name of each color is a girls name. The Hot Pink one is no.01 엘리 Elly, Pink is no.03 캔디스 Candice and Red is no.04 레베카 Rebecca. The one I don’t have is the Orange one, no.02 제시 Jessie.

They are an easy twist crayon so no sharpening required. The bottom of the stick twists the product up and down as needed. They each contain 4g of product which is a pretty good size.

Look, feel and smell:

They are surprisingly creamy, I was not expecting that and they are all really nicely pigmented. Especially when you consider the price.

I think they feel more like a lipstick than anything else, they do have a nice little bit of a gloss to them but the consistency is definitely more of a lipstick. A lot of these crayon type ones are more of a balm or a tint but these are heavier than that.

I love the colors, they are gorgeous and glossy and look great on my lips. I have naturally creased lips that are not in great shape but these did not make them look bad at all, they even helped to cover up some of the imperfections.

The colors are very wearable, they all look great on and don’t have any glitter or sparkle in them. Just a nice solid glossy color.

Hot Pink is a beautiful bright fun pink color, at first I thought it would be a bit bright but it looks really nice on my lips.

Pink in a pretty light pastel pink, I thought it might be too light for me but it’s quite nice. I really like this for a subtle pretty daytime look.

Red is a stunning bright red, I love this color. It looks amazing on and is really smooth. It makes my lips look and feel great.

They all smell vaguely fruity but it’s not something that you notice unless you actually smell it like I did. So they also taste a little bit sweet but again it’s not really that noticeable. If I had to guess I would say the Red one is cherry flavoured, the Pink is peach and the Hot Pink is strawberry. That is going from my nose alone so I could be wrong.


You use them just like any lipstick or crayon. They glide on easily, are very smooth and a little bit hydrating too so they won’t completely dry out your lips. Because of this glossy hydrating factor they will transfer easily so you have to watch that. If you want a more of a matte look and to minimize the transfer you can of course blot it and the color will go to more of a tint look.

I do find that the red one is a bit harder to put on as the stick is so chunky and the color is so bold that you don’t want to smudge it. It can be done, I just have to take some extra time and be careful. The two pinks are easier as they are a bit lighter and more forgiving.

Because they are so pigmented you only need to apply one coat. You can see in the swatches how bold the colors are and I only drew it on with one swipe.Lioele Lip Color Stick Swatches

These last quite well, if you are not eating or drinking much they will last 3 to 4 hours and maybe longer but will fade to more of a tint color. I do notice it comes off when I am drinking but as long as I am careful I don’t have to reapply.

They don’t last through a full meal, the pinks are pretty much all gone and the red wears away in the middle.

Overall I think these are a great product for such a low price. I love the colors and how bright and pigmented they are, they apply very smooth and look fantastic.  I would certainly recommend giving them a try especially as it’s not going to break the bank.

6 thoughts on “Review – Lioele Lip Color Stick

  1. I love this type of lip product! It’s so easy (I can’t use a normal lip liner to save my life; I end up with clownish overdrawn lips due to trying to fix unevenness). I’ll have to pick up a few of these.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Christin, Great to hear that you like this lip color stick, I’m definitely a fan. I will take a look at your blog when I get to a computer and I’m sure I will follow you as it looks like you have similar interests. I don’t do a follow for a follow as I would rather just follow what I like regardless of whether they return the favor. Not all blogs are for everyone 🙂


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