Beauty Swap – Korea/USA with Mina and Suji from The Marvelous Miji

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a fabulous Friday. Today I have an exciting post for you, it’s another Beauty Swap.

This time with two lovely girls in the U.S. – Mina and Suji from The Marvelous Miji. This is also a bit of an inter-blogger swap too as they are over on blogger.

I just received my package tonight, it’s my late night at work so I don’t get home until after 10pm but there was this wonderful package waiting for me in my mailbox so that was a nice surprise.

Mina and Suji got their package a few days ago so they already have their unboxing post up on their website. Make sure you pop across to their site and have a look at what I sent them.

Because there were two of them we decided on $30 for each of them so they could get a nice range of items and then they would each contribute and make it up to $60 for my package. I had a lot of fun picking out the items for both of the girls, they had sent me an idea of what they were each looking for so I had some guidelines which was helpful as sometimes the choices are a bit overwhelming.

Okay, on to my package. Everything came all wrapped up and there was a cute little letter included which is always nice to receive.


Additionally each of the items had a little note on it saying why they chose it, this was an extra special little touch that was really wonderful. I had so much fun unwrapping and opening everything, it was like Christmas.

This is the first bag from Mina, she wrote that most of these are things that she loves to use so I am very excited to give them a try. These all had notes taped to them but I forgot to photograph all this together before I took them off to photograph the individual items. So then I had to go back and do it again. So just FYI they did all have nice notes on them.

The Merlot Peeling Mask looks great, I love peeling masks they always feel like you are getting rid of the bad stuff on your skin. There is also some Elf Eyeliners, Covergirl Face Powder, and some beauty masks. And last but not least look at these lovely lipbalms, you all know how much I love a good lipbalm. The flavours look amazing especially the Green Apple and the Cherry Vanilla, these are some of my favourite flavours.

Beauty Swap - Marvelous Miji

And then this was the other bag from Suji, the second photo is the little bag on the left opened up and spread out. This one you can see all the sweet notes as I did remember to photograph this one.

20150619_223358 20150619_223527

Here is everything unwrapped, I have some amazing and interesting products here too. Very quickly (as I will do some reviews in the future and go into more detail) there are some Kiss Lashes, a Boe Beauty Jumbo Pencil Shadow and Liner, two Color Concept Eye shadows (which she writes are ‘like Elf but 100x better’), an Elf lipgloss (looks amazing) and a Wet n’ Wild Lipstick in a gorgeous pink (I am very excited to try), a Klean Color Lip Liner Pencil, a Coconut Face Mask, a sample from Lashem which is a wrinkle reducer and last but not least a Sunsilk Hair Treatment from Vietnam.

Beauty Swap - Marvelous Miji

So as you can see I got some great stuff and a wide variety. I am really looking forward to trying everything out and will have some reviews in the future once I have given everything a good try.

I just want to say thanks again to Mina and Suji for a great endeavour and remember to go and visit their page to see what their end of the swap looks like.

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