Website Highlight – Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

I recently came across this website while I was browsing the internet. I started off researching something about products and processes for one of my classes and then, as you do when on the internet, got a little side tracked. I was watching some YouTube videos about what is in our cosmetics and then I came to this page.

I’m not overly concerned about my cosmetics but I am interested enough to find out more and try to get better informed. I do like to find natural products and would prefer them if given the option but of course they are usually harder to find and more pricey.

So this website is called Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and is all about informing the public of what can be lurking in your everyday makeup and skincare. There are ways that you can get involved if you are interested in that but there is also some useful information about a range of points. They have a section which goes over ‘Chemicals of Concern’ which I really found interesting. It certainly gives you some food for thought.

So if you are interested in finding out more about what is in your personal care items then I would recommend taking a look at this site. Let me know if you have any other sites like this that you like to check out. I would be happy to have some more ‘go to’ information sites.



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