Gmarket Haul and First Impressions – Yadah (June)

Yadah Haul June 2015

I have a series of hauls that I need to do from June. I am a bit behind still from May, basically I do too much shopping and can’t keep up with myself. If you do like hauls then check out my Instagram as I put a lot of my shopping up on there. It’s quicker than doing a post so I often just do that especially if it’s just one or two items. I also want to get these all done before the end of the month as I’m going to New Zealand for a holiday. I know I will do lots of shopping there so will have lots more to post in August.

Anyway, so I did a big shopping haul on Gmarket about mid-way through June. I got four different brands so what I am going to do is put them up individually. That way I can get them up as I finish the posts and also it keeps the different brands together; then if you are just interested in one in particular you don’t have to look through all the others. Most of the hauls are relatively small, one is a bit bigger but the items were quite cheap. These are mostly brands that I have not tried before.

The first one I’m showing today is from Yadah. This is a relatively new brand on the Korean market. I’ve been wanting to try some of their products for a while so I finally took the plunge. They are marketed as being for ‘young girls’. I think they are shooting themselves in the foot with that kind of marketing. It makes me think of lesser quality, something cheap that high schoolers can afford.

It’s actually quite a nice product range, the packaging is well designed and funky. They have a cute brand mascot that features on a lot of the packaging which is a young, red-head girl and her dog/monster (not sure what it is). The whole line is well presented, from the boxes to the product, I was impressed with all of the items that I got.

I have linked to the Yadah mini-shop for each item, this is where I purchased all of my products off Gmarket. They were pretty good, I got a couple of samples. Nothing excessive or anything. The one issue I had was that they sent me the wrong lip colors in the tint sticks. I ordered numbers 3 and 5 and they sent me two of the no.2 color which is the light pink one that changes color, I have lots of these from other brands so did not really want that one. I had to contact them and they sent out the correct ones and picked up the incorrect products reasonably quickly.

Yadah Cosmetics Box

So this is what I got from Yadah; it was quite a large box that arrived for the amount that I ordered:

Facial Mist – Anti-T Mist and Pore Refining Mist (15,000 for two)

I was just going to get one of these, I wanted to try the Anti-T one but it came as a set of two so I got to try them both. It’s always good to try out new mists. It gets so hot here in the summer a mist is essential.

The Anti-T one is made of lots of natural ingredients that are supposed to sooth and moisturize troubled skin and the Pore Refining one contains 91% Witch Hazel Water and is supposed to tighten pores and help control sebum. I have not had a chance to try them out much yet. They both smell nice and fresh though.

Yadah Face Mist Yadah Face Mist

Air Powder Pact SPF35/PA++ (17,000 won)

This is a pressed powder, I mainly got it because it looked cute. I did not really need another pressed powder as I have a few of them at the moment. I have not tried it out yet for that reason. It’s quite a large compact, it’s about the size of the palm of my hand.

Yadah Pressed Powder Pact Yadah Pressed Powder Pact

Auto Lip Crayon in no.05 Cotton Candy and no.06 Plum Burgundy (7,900 won)

They have about seven shades of these, I really like crayons so could not help but to try these out. I am really impressed so far. They have a medium color, not too sheer but more in the tint family than the lipstick. The plum one looks really nice on my lips and I really like it so far. The pink one I have not really tried yet, I like the name though.

Yadah Auto Liner Yadah Auto Liner Yadah Auto LinerYadah Auto Lip Crayon

Lip Tint Balm in no.02 Shiny Peach (7,500 won)

A nice little lip balm, I got this mainly because it looked so cute and I think we all know how much I love lip balms by now. There are four in the series, I got the peach one because I like that flavour for lip products and because the artwork on the jar was the nicest.

Yadah Peach Lip Balm

Lovely Lip Tint Stick in no.03 Strawberry Smoothie and no.05 Cherry Punch (9,000 won)

There are five shades in this range, they are a lip balm type tint stick. The no.01 is a colorless one and the no.02 is the light pink one that changes color. Then there is pink, orange and red. I got the pink and the red one to try out. They are quite nice, the pink is quite a mild color but the red is more pigmented. The are a cross between a tint and a balm, I like that because I’m not a huge fan of tints even though I buy so many of them. These sit much nicer on my lips. They smell really good too, they smell like the fruit they are named after.

Yadah Lip Tint Balm Yadah Lip Tint Balm Yadah Lip Tint Balm Yadah Lip Tint Balm Yadah Lip Tint Balm

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