Gmarket Haul and First Impressions – Beauty People (June 2015)

Beauty People Haul

This is very much a mini-haul. I did not get much from Beauty People, they do not have a huge range on Gmarket which was where I was buying from and a lot of it was things I already have from other brands.

I did however really want their rose lip balms which is the main reason I made this purchase. I added a couple of other lip tints to the order just because they were there and I received an eye liner as a gift.

Beauty People Haul

So this is what I got from Beauty People:

Blooming Rose Lip Balm in Looping Rose and Lady Rose. (12,000 won each)

I should have checked the amount in this, I was really surprised when it came. I could not remember what I had purchased but they looked like the boxes that you get little eye shadow pots in. I was fairly sure I had not ordered any of those. Then I remembered it was the rose lip balms. Are they ever small, 1.2g of product.

They are super cute but I just don’t think they are worth that price. You can get so many other things that have just as much detail on the packaging for much cheaper so I don’t know how this is warranted. I do like them, I just think they could easily be half that price and even that would be pushing it for worth but at least it would be a bit more realistic.

Beauty People Rose Lip Balm Beauty People Rose Lip Balm Beauty People Rose Lip Balm

Wonder High Lasting Tinted Balm in Red (Wonder Rosy Balm) and Deep Pink (Wonder Jolly Balm) (11,900 won)

This was 1 + 1 so was quite a good deal.  They are very much like the new Tony Moly Cooling Tint, they have the same packaging but that’s not surprising as I have noticed that Tony Moly often does or perhaps it’s the other way round.

There are four in the range, red, deep pink, pink and orange. I quite like the pink, the red one not so much. I just dab it on for a hint of color. The smell really nice, like grape but the taste is not great.

These are definitely more of a tint than a balm. I think it is misleading to have that in the name although they do claim to have some moisturising ingredients. These are the kind of tint that stains your lips and is the evolution of the original water tints that have been so popular here in Korea since they came out a few years ago. Basically they have just put the tint into bar form, which is handy.

Beauty People Wonder Tint

Beauty People Wonder Tint Beauty People Wonder Tint

Beauty People Wonder Tint

Beauty People Wonder Tint

Skinny Quick Liner in Shine Brown (Gift with purchase)

This was a nice inclusion, I quite like the color it’s a nice brown but has a little sparkle in it. It’s quite subtle but just enough to make it a little more interesting.

Beauty People Skinny Liner Beauty People Skinny Liner Beauty People Skinny Liner

2 thoughts on “Gmarket Haul and First Impressions – Beauty People (June 2015)

  1. I saw those lip balm I think I saw them on testerkorea and thanks for your review. I don’t see a lot of review for Beauty people products.This helps a lot.

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