New Zealand Haul (Vacation Shopping July-August 2015)

Another late post; I have been having a bit of a blogging break recently. Not for any reason, just feeling uninspired and lazy. I am still active on Instagram so you can follow me there if you are interested in Korean beauty in particular. I post a lot of my purchases and do some mini reviews when I can. It’s mostly Korean products but also other bits and pieces that I have.

So most of you will know if you have been reading my blog or Instagram that I went home to New Zealand for a week at the end of July-start of August. We only get a week vacation time so it was a very short trip. I wanted to make the trip even if it was short because I had not been home in over two and a half years. It was nice to see my friends and family and eat some good New Zealand food. I also managed to do a fair amount of shopping for only one week. I had so much that I could not fit it all in my suitcase, my Mum had to send me a box with the remainder of my things.

So I thought I would put up a few photos of the things that I bought while I was in New Zealand. If you do follow on Instagram then you would have seen these. I posted most of my haul there not too long ago. I will do some follow up posts on some of these in the future as I get back into it.

First, these are some things that I bought online before leaving Korea and had them sent to my parents house in New Zealand. I bought some stuff from and some from Colorpop. Also a couple of Maybelline products that my sister picked up for me.

20150807_215948 Makeup Revolution Smashbox Various Lipsticks Gosh Cosmetics Colorpop


The next ones are some things that I bought at Auckland Airport. I had a bit of time there both on the way in and on the way out. I did some duty free shopping on the way out and got some things that had been on my wishlist for a while.

Fantail Necklace Origins and Clinique Marc Jacobs Perfume New Zealand Necklace Fantail coin purse


The next lot is from department stores like Farmers, Kmart and Kirkcaldie & Stains.

Dry Shampoo Za Skincare Lol Lipgloss Squirrel Bag Almay Evolu Skincae


I got these from some New Zealand specialty stores.

Mud Face Pack Manuka Oil


Lastly a mixed bunch of lip items that I got all over the place, some at the airport some in pharmacies, and Postie Plus.

Various Lip Products Miki Elizabeth Arden Natio Lipsticks


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