Review – Tony Moly Dalcom Gloss Delight

There are currently five flavors in the Tony Moly Dalcom Gloss Delight range – no.01 Pineapple, no.02 Tangarine no.03 Grape, no.04 Tomato and no.05 Apple.


They all look so colorful and cute. I bought them because of the packaging as-per-usual for me. I even got the tangerine one because it was on sale at the time and I figured I may as well review the whole set.

So these are in the ‘style-over-substance’ group which a lot of Tony Moly products fall into. They do have some good products so don’t just dismiss them off hand but there are a few of this type as well.


The packing is of course the highlight of these. Tony Moly do have a way with design.

Each of the glosses comes in a long thin plastic tube which is very typical of a gloss product. The cap of each of them is colored to the fruit it represents and the top has a little rubber part the is made to look like the top green part of the fruits.


They have doe-foot applicators which are the norm and work fine.

Look, feel & smell:

You can see from the swatches that they each have color to them. However the color does not really show up on your lips much. It gives you a hint of color and some shine.


The consistency on all of them is quite thick jelly like. Most of them feel okay on and also feel like they give a bit of moisture too.

The only one I had a problem with was the pineapple one. It made my lips burn in a weird way, I tried that one first and though they would all be like that but the rest were fine. I’m a bit scared to try it again but it could have been reacting to something already on my lips so I will give it one more chance.

They all smell really sweet like ultra candy versions of the fruit. Except the tomato which just smells sweet and if it was not shaped like a tomato I would not know what it was. They all taste pretty much how they smell. The tangerine one is really strong when you put it on but it does dissipate which is good because if it stayed that strong it would be too much.


They can be used just like any normal gloss, they would be a great gift for the teenage girl in your life.

The only two I will probably use are the grape and the apple. They were the least terrible out of the lot

Overall I was not expecting much so I am not really disappointed or anything. And at least they look pretty in my collection.

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