Review – MCC Cushiony Gloss in no.01 Hot Red Beam

Today I am taking about the MCC Cushiony Gloss in no.01 Hot Red Beam. There are currently 14 colors in this line, some of them are shimmery like this one but others are not.


This is one of those wonderful finds in your own lip product drawer. We all have one of those right . . . So I got it a few months ago but just have not really used it much until recently.

MCC is not very well know, it’s a small drugstore type brand and they don’t really have that one standout product that has launched them. They do however have a couple of nice products like this lip gloss. This is a link to their website if you want to check out the brand further

I got mine of Gmarket and it was around 9,000 won.



First off the packaging is beautiful, so elegant and classy. It comes in a white box with silver details. The box has a cushion design embossed into the cardboard. It’s very subtle and the design is carried over onto the tube as well.

MCC Cushiony Gloss

The lip gloss tube is gorgeous and shiny. The plastic bottle part is clear so you can see the product and it has that same cushion design. The cap is a twist off and is silver colored. The top of the cap also has the cushion design on it which looks really nice.

MCC Cushiony Gloss - Cap

The applicator is a soft doe foot and is a good size. It is supposed to be a ‘soft cushion brush’ which it is but not that different to most of these type applicators.

MCC Cushiony Goss - Red Hot Beam

When you look at the product in the tube it looks like a gorgeous iridescent red with blue undertones. Matched with the silver from the cap it looks very eye catching.

On the box it says ‘A soft tender polymer and polish in one’ makes it sound like a nail polish or something.

Look, feel and smell:

The gloss itself is really nice, it swatches a bit darker than it goes on my lips as my lips are quite dark anyway. It smells very sweet with maybe a hint of a berry smell but not quite sure exactly what.


So on my lips it does not really show up as a color (just a hint) but it gives a lovely sheen and makes my lips look really healthy and pretty. You can really see that shine from the bottle on your lips.

I find that it coats the lips well. It’s a bit heavy and has a slightly jelly feel to it so you can feel it on your lips but it’s very smooth and not uncomfortable or anything. It’s more like it feels nice and moisturizing.


The use is very simple, just apply with the applicator as you do with any of these sorts of glosses. You can use it by itself which is what I do but you could also use it over another red lipstick for a bit of shine, I think that would look nice as it would add depth.

It is a gloss so it’s not going to last as long as some products and it transfers if eating and drinking. But if not then it will last four 3 or 4 hours. It has a little bit of gloss stickyness but very minimal.

Overall this is a really nice gloss that I am enjoying using at the moment. I have some other MCC products that I will also review in the future.

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