Review – Etude House Rosy Tint Lips in no.08 After Blossom

Today I am reviewing one of the Etude House Rosy Tint Lips. There are 8 in the range and this one is no.08 After Blossom. After Blossom is a deep burgundy color.


This is a really nice lip product but it is not really a tint like the name implies. It would be better to class it as a liquid lipstick.

They retail for about 8,500 won in Korea and it is quite a small tube at 7g.


The Etude House Rosy Tint Lips are a range that come in eight shades, the first and eighth boxes are red and the middle ones are white. The no.01 is called Before Blossom then they all have flower type names until the last one no.08 which is called After Blossom and is the one I have.

Definitely a lot of time and effort goes into the packaging of these products.

This product as it’s name suggests is inspired by roses and has a lot of floral imaging. The box is decorated with roses. Each of the tubes are different colors to reflect the shade of the product so no.08 is a dark burgundy color.


The product comes in a small squeeze tube with a screw on lid and has a cushion/sponge type applicator.


Look, feel and smell:

As I mentioned earlier this is not really a tint like the name implies. It would be better to class it as a liquid lipstick, it had a smooth and creamy consistency. You can use less to make more of a tint effect. They recommend using a small amount in the center or your lips and then blending out. I can never get that to work so I just use it as a lipstick.

It has a slightly matte finish and on the box is described as ‘velvet type’.

It does not have much of a smell at all, maybe something faint but you would have to sniff it hard to get that.


You can use it for lips and cheeks although I’ve only used it on my lips. The applicator is a sponge type and you squeeze the product out then use the sponge to apply. You can easily control how much you use for different looks.

It lasts for about 2-3 hours but does transfer if you are drinking and it wears away on the inside of the lips if you eat a meal. It does not stain much, it is more like a traditional lipstick just in a liquid form.

Overall I really like this because it looks good on my lips. The color is gorgeous and it’s easy to apply. I do find that it is not particularly moisturizing so that would be my only issue but if you use a lip balm before application then it will be fine.



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