Review – Castle Dew Colorshot Lips

Today’s  review is of three VOV Castle Dew Colorshot Lips lipsticks.

The three colors I have are very pretty. No.558 레이디로즈세팅 (Lady Rose Setting) is a nice rosy brown color. No.pk130 미드나잇핑크 (Midnight Pink) is a very pretty light pink I don’t usually suit colors this light but I can get away with this one because it is quite sheer. And no.257 굴브라운세팅 (Cool Brown Setting) is a nice natural bronze brown color.

Castle Dew is one of the sub brands of VOV. They have a few different labels that cater for different styles. Castle Dew is their more grown up line that is supposed to promote elegance and luxury.

I purchased them quite a while ago maybe around mid last year however they are still available. I think I paid around 5,000 won for them on Gmarket, I can’t remember exactly but this is a link to a page that is currently selling them on Gmarket.


These lipsticks do look really beautiful, the packaging is shiny and gorgeous. They look very luxe which is in-line with the brand’s image.


The cases are also quite functional, they are not the smallest but they fit nicely in your hand. The lids click on securely so you can be sure they wont fall off if you have them in your bag.

The only two things I don’t like about the packaging are very minor. One is that they shiny finish shows up fingerprints which is not really a problem unless you are trying to take photos of them. And the other one is that you can’t tell which one is which without looking at the bottom. I prefer where each shade has a different colored case or something to indicate quickly which one is which.

Look, feel and smell:

The lipstick itself is okay, nothing fabulous or anything. The have a slightly creamy consistency and a bit of a glossy finish to them. On the box it says ‘pearl effect make up’.

The colors are very subtle and natural looking. They are a quite sheer on the lips but you can build it up for more color. If you are someone who does not like wearing really opaque colors then this is a good option.

They have more of a traditional lipstick smell than most Korean products that tend to smell of candy or fruit or both. It does have sweet subtle berry scent but only if you really sniff them and it’s not unpleasant or anything.


Use is just as with any lipstick; there are no special instructions or anything. They are a tad on the dry side so I like to add a balm or a gloss but you can get away with not using that if you want as they are not ultra dry or anything.

They last an average time, maybe a few hours if you are lucky and not eating or drinking.

Overall a nice enough product if you can find them cheap and like a more natural lip. And of course with those gorgeous cases they will look awesome on your makeup table too.


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