Missha Haul – Missha x Line Friends (January 2015)

This January saw the release of one of the cutest collaborations that I have seen yet, and I’ve seen a lot. This was the Missha x Line Friends line and it was a huge success for Missha with most things selling out on the first day. Line Friends is the Japanese version of Kakao Friends which are the cartoon characters for the Messaging apps popular in the respective countries. Kakao Talk is the main messaging app used in Korea and Line the equivalent from Japan. They each developed this cartoons as emojis and mascots for the applications and they have become very popular.

While I use Kakao because I live in Korea I actually think the Line Friends are much cuter than the Kakao ones. Missha do some really good packaging so it comes as no surprise that they really outdid themselves on this line. Most of the products are just their usual products repackaged.

I went on the first day they were release but not until the afternoon and I still missed out on some items. I tried a different store that was a bit more out of the way the next day and I got a few more.

This is the haul from the first day:

Missha x Line Friends Haul

Because I spent over 30,000 won I got the pouch as a free gift. I love pouches so that was a nice bonus.

I got both the cushions, one is ‘Brown’ who is the bear character and that one is the normal magic cushion. Then ‘Sally’ is the chicken character and that cushion is the Magic Moisture Cushion.

The Eye Color Studio Mini in Cony Pink Eye which is the small shadow palette. There is another one with ‘Brown’ on it and with brown shades but it was sold out here and then also in the store I tried the next day also.

Missha Lovesecret Hand Cream (Line Friends Edition) in green grape scent and featuring ‘Leonardo’.

One Missha M Matte Lip Rouge in MRD03 Bloody Wine which has the ‘Brown’ design on it and is a really beautiful deep red/burgundy color.

The 4D Mascara which also features the cute bear ‘Brown’. They did not have the 3D one with ‘Sally’ on it at this store.

Then lastly I also got one of the Micro Bubble Foams there are two of these one with ‘Brown’ and one with ‘Sally’. I got the ‘Sally’ one because it was Green Tea Seed which sounded nicer than Lotus Seed which is the other one with ‘Brown’ on it.

The cushions are the real stars there they are so adorable and for 11,600 won you get the case and three products. So it has the one in the case and then two refills. That is a pretty good deal.


So then the next day I tried another store to see if they had any of the items that had been sold out at the first store. This is what I picked up in the second round:

Missha Line Friends Haul

This time I got two of the Missha Coloring Tint Balm (Line Friends Edition) in Love To You (red) and Sweet To You (pink) which come in the cute ‘Sally’ cases.

One Missha M Glossy Lip Rouge in GPK03 Wanna Pink. The Glossy ones are the ‘Sally’ design and the Matte ones like I got the day before are ‘Brown’.

One Missha Waterful Tint (Line Friends Edition) in Cherry Coke as it was really cute, I don’t really like tints as they don’t work on my lips. The color is really nice and it smells good, and of course it is super cute with ‘Brown’.

I also grabbed another mascara, just because it was cheap and cute. They are only 3,300 won each so I figured I may as well have both the 3D and the 4D.

The Mirror was a free gift if you spent over 10,000 won.

If you want to see more close ups and swatches then check out my Instagram as I have put up individual posts for almost everything now.


5 thoughts on “Missha Haul – Missha x Line Friends (January 2015)

  1. This Collobarotion is really one of the cutest i have ever seen! I just love all the details, i mean, the air puff for cc cushions match the character!! How cute is that >3< i wanted to grab something from this collection as well, but i was unable to find anything ㅠㅠ


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  2. They are super adorable! I actually do not own any Missha product, but as soon as I saw this collab my brains said I needed to get some of it. The pouch is too adorable 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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