Review – Nature Republic Aloe Vera Hand Cream

One of the first posts that I did on this blog was for the Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. It is such a popular product here in Korea and most Korean girls will have at least heard of it and more often than not will own a jar. It’s just a great all round moisturizer; perfect for dry skin, after sun care and you can use it all over your body (even your hair). It is really cheap too at about 3,000 for a pot which is always an added bonus.

I absolutely love the smell of the gel. I think it is one of my favorite all time scents. It has a wonderful fresh, clean and natural smell.

Because of the popularity of this original gel Nature Republic have been extending the line. You can not get lots of other skincare products that have the same amazing smell. I have a few of them now and I really like all of them.


Enter the Nature Republic California Aloe Vera Hand Cream. This one came out late last year and when I saw it I knew I had to add it to my growing collection of hand creams. It comes in a cute bottle and it is part of this lovely line of aloe products that I really like so it was a no-brainer.


This hand cream looks very nice and is shaped to resemble the aloe plant leaf. The only problem with that is it has to lie flat; it won’t sit upright at all so it takes up more space on your dresser. Of course you can stand it up inside something if you really need to.


It’s made of a semi-hard green plastic. It is soft enough to squeeze the product out of but is still quite sturdy. The cap is the bottom part of the leaf design which screws off.

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Hand Cream

Because of the packaging it is a good one to keep in your purse. It is a nice size and feels quite secure. It is 50ml.

Look, feel and smell:

The smell is nice and fresh with just a hint of perfume to it which makes it a little different to that gorgeous smell of the gel. However the gel is quite strong in scent and I think this one is much more subtle.

The cream is very light and it’s actually not so much like a traditional cream – it’s more like a cream mixed with a gel. This makes it much lighter than the traditional creams and it feels very nice on your skin.


It feels is a bit watery when you rub it in but then it disappears and absorbs very quickly into the skin. It feels very cool and moisturizing and it does not leave any residue behind.


Of course this is a hand cream so the use should be self explanatory. You use it any way you would use other hand creams 

All-in-all this is a very nice hand cream and a great addition to the Nature Republic Aloe Vera line.

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