Shopandbox Haul – Japan Beauty and Snacks (Nov/Dec 2015)

This is quite late even for me but I forgot to put it up so I’m going back and doing it now. In November of last year I did a haul from Japan via

Shopandbox is a buying service where you are put in contact with a person from the country that you want to shop from. You tell them what you want via the website and then you pay for it and they go out and buy it. The boxer then weighs everything and tells you how much the shipping will be. There is a small service fee for their trouble included in the invoice for this stage. Then once you have paid for the shipping and service they send out your goods.  A small disclaimer I do some work for Shopandbox but this haul was purchased separately with my own money.

I am currently doing another purchase through this service and getting some items from Italy so I am super excited about that. It made me think about this haul and that reminded me I had not blogged about it. I did put up some pics on Instagram when I first received my package in December so if you follow me there you may have already seen this.


So above is a picture of the complete haul. As you can see I got a nice range of items. I got both some beauty products and also so snacks because I figured if I was getting the beauty products then I may as well get some other bits and pieces put in to make the shipping worthwhile. That is the best thing about a buying service like Shopandbox; they can shop across multiple shops for you and get things both online and in-store if need be.

For the food items I mainly got Kit Kats as I wanted to try some of the famous different flavors that Japan is know for. I got Apple, Rum and Raisin and Raspberry. I really liked the apple ones and think they were the best. The Raspberry ones were okay, they had a nice tangy flavor to them. The Rum and Raisin ones were not that great.

The other snack I got were some of the famous ‘Tokyo Bananas’. I really wanted to see what everyone has been going on about. To be honest I was not expecting much. Wow, was I ever wrong on that. They were every bit as delicious as I had been led to believe.

On to the main event – the beauty products.

Gudetama Wonder Collect Powder – this was the catalyst for the purchase. I saw it on Instagram and it was so cute I had to have one.


Jill Stuart Melty Lip Balm in no.01 Rose Pink and 04. Poinsettia Red – I had been wanting to get some Jill Stuart for ages. The packaging is so pretty so this was a perfect opportunity.


Jill Stuart Forever Juicy Oil Rouge in no.04 Gathering Cherries – This looks so pretty. I just couldn’t resist. It’s like something out of a fairy tale.

Jill Stuart Forever Juicy Oil Rouge


Lavshuca BB Lip Essence in no.02 – Another tinted lip balm; you can never have too many. Or that is what I keep telling myself anyway.

Lavshuca BB Lip Essence


Lavshuca Dressy Glow Cheek in no. RS-1 – This looked so pretty and the puff has a lovely lace design on it.

Lavshuca Dressy Glow Cheek


Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder (Trail Size) – One where having someone to talk to about the products came in handy. I had selected the bigger size as I did not really know much about it but my boxer checked with me on the size and I decided that the smaller trail sized one would be perfect because I was really just checking it out for interests sake.

Suisai Beauty Clear Powder




2 thoughts on “Shopandbox Haul – Japan Beauty and Snacks (Nov/Dec 2015)

  1. I love Japanese Kit Kats. A friend of mine in Japan sent me the Cookies & Cream flavored ones once. Loved them. Now I’m craving some Green Tea flavored ones.

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