Review – Nature Republic Botanical Eco Crayon Lip Rouge (no.04 Satin Brown)

This is the Nature Republic Botanical Eco Crayon Lip Rouge in no.04 Satin Brown.

This is one of the older lines from Nature Republic and as far as I am aware is no longer available. I’m still putting up the review because others might also have this and because they do have an updated version of this crayon line.

In the past nine months or so Nature Republic has revamped some of their lip products. They were ones where the textures did not work very well. For example their ‘Creamy’ lipsticks which were not really that creamy.

 I do have some of the new crayons from this line too so will put them up in the near future and do a comparison.


The packaging is very simple as with most Nature Republic products. It comes in white box with simple writing on it which tells you what it is and other relevant information. It has a simple flower design which matches the ‘Botanical’ line that it belongs to.

The crayon itself also pretty basic,  although it does not really need to be more, it is white with Nature Republic written up the side. At one end is a block of color which matches the shade of the  crayon. That color is the part that winds up and so when you need more product you can just twist this around.

It has a clear cap and the crayon is chunky with a rounded end.

Look, feel and smell:

I got this a while ago and the reason was simply that this color is amazing. I thought it was an eye crayon at first because it is a metallic rusty bronze color. It looked great when I swatched it so I was sold.


I still love this color but the only problem is that it is a dry formula. When you apply it it pulls at your skin a bit. Once it is on it does not feel or look that bad but I do think that it’s best to use a lip balm or something with it. I guess that is why they changed the formula but they don’t have all the same colors anymore and this is one that has disappeared.


In the pictured swatches the top on is just one layer and then the lower is going over it 3 or 4 times. It looks very smooth, shiny and gorgeous.

It has an earthy smell kind of like you get in a clay mask type product. But it’s not a very strong smell.


The use is like with any other lip product;  you can apply it directly to your lips and the crayon’s size makes application every quick and easy.

It does not last very long so you have to reapply and it will transfer a bit too. It fades nicely however so it does not look terrible if you can’t touch up regularly.

Overall I like the color of this product, I do wish it went on a bit creamier but it’s such a pretty and different color that I can forgive that. I wish they had kept it when the updated the formula as it was something unique. I often end up buying the same colors over and over again so it was nice to find something that was not like any other products that I have.

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