Review – Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint

Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint 🍒

I have two of these; the first one I got was no.01 RD301 and then I liked it enough to go back and get no.05 PP501.


The packaging is pretty simple but it looks very nice. There is a lot of the cherry motif on it of course. I do like that the sticks are different colors according to the shade of the tint. That is always on my list of pros for lip products as it means you can easily tell which one is which.

One of the most important features is that they are click up sticks rather than the wind up ones. You can click it up but it does not go down so you have to be careful. The reason for this is because the stick is only semi-solid not like lipsticks. The tint stick melts onto your lips so if you clicked up to much you would end up with a right mess. You only need one or two clicks to get enough product to apply to your lips.

Look, Feel and Smell:

I really like this color of both of these tints. The red is a nice subtle red and the pink one is  and is a really pretty purpley pink color.

I like how these tints look and feel on. I have found that most of the traditional water tints don’t look good on my lips and tend to disappear as soon as I apply them. These tints have a bit more structure because they come in a solid form so I find they say on my lips much better than that liquid versions.

The only thing I don’t like is their smell and taste, it’s a bit strong and perfumed for my me but I’m willing to overlook it because they look so nice.


It’s one of the click up ones rather than a twist up product. This is because the texture is very soft and it melts onto your lips. If it was a twist up then people would end up using too much product and you would have a mess. It controls the amount of product better. You only need one or two clicks.

Like with most tints you can wear it as a full color which I tend to do or you can use it as a gradient. By applying the color just to the center of your lips and blending it out it gives a nice subtle youthful look.

Overall I am very happy with these two and I wear the pink one quite a lot. I find that they both look really nice on giving a nice subtle and pretty look. I think they look much better on me than traditional tints but still gives that ‘tint look’ like you see in the promotion pictures.



One thought on “Review – Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint

  1. I’ve been really curious of them ever since they came out! And they look pretty amazing, just like their apricot stick, it looks like you can have that wonderful color pay-off, but with a hint of natural looking finish ** I love it, I will definitely get my hands on them soon!

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