May Masking Month – Instagram Challenge

Recently on Instagram myself and a few other gals got together to have a bit of a challenge. We decided to try to use a mask type product every day of May and post our adventures. The challenge was called #maymaskmonth and it was a lot of fun. Many others joined in so there was a lot of masking going on.

You could use any type of masks that you wanted and it was not just limited to face masks, you could also try hair, feet and hand ones for something a bit different. I decided to just use the single type masks as I have a lot of them and had not really been using them up as much I as would have liked. This was a good start on getting through some of my stash.

Here are all the masks that I used for #maymaskmonth and if you are interested in my thoughts on them you can find them on my Instagram @cutepretybeauty

Day 1 – The Face Shop Sparking Apple Face Mask

Day 2 – SNP Fruits Gelato Soothing Mask (Quince)

Day 3 – Tony Moly Lovely Peach Hand Mask

Day 4 – Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack Bubble Pomegranate Sleeping Pack

Day 5 – Tony Moly Earth Beauty Kelp Mask Sheet (Boosting)

Day 6 – Borntree Natto Gum Mask

Day 7 – Macadamia Oil Extract Foot Pack (Deep Moisturising)

Day 8 – SNP Jelly Vita Clearing Toning Mask

Day 9 – Ariul Juice Cleanse Mask Wheat & Celery

Day 10 – Too Cool For School McGirly Whitening Eye Gel Mask

Day 11 – Faith in Face Miss Invisible Pore – Pore Tightening Mask

Day 12 – Dewytree Premium SYN-AKE Black Mask

Day 13 – Esfolio Green Tea Essence Mask Sheet

Day 14 – Dearpacker French Winery Miracle Time Lifting Hydrogel Mask

Day 15 – Baviphat Pomegranate Juicy Mask Sheet

Day 16 – Shara Shara Bouncy Jelly Lip Patch

Day 17 – Skinfood Hydro Fitting Snail Mask Sheet (Hydration Type)

Day 18 – Banilla Co. The Blacks Essential Mask Nourishing Black Rice

Day 19 – The Saem Natural Tox Carrot Mask Sheet

Day 20 – Holika Holika x Gudetama Lazy & Easy Character Mask Sheet

Day 21 – Tony Moly My Little Pet Wrinkle Line Patch

Day 22 – Mediheal Tea Tree Care Solution Essential Mask

Day 23 – Cremorlab Aqua Tank Hydro Plus Water-Full Mask

Day 24 – Tony Moly Fresh Peppermint Foot Mask

Day 25 – Labiotte Marryeco Smoothing Sheet Mask with Lemonbalm

Day 26 – Aritaum Sponge Bob Fresh Power Essence Mask – Mugwort Original (Soothing and Calming)

Day 27 – MD’s Pick Aqua H.C Moist Collagen Prestige Peel-off Modeling Mask

Day 28 – Tony Moly Earth Beauty Bubble Mask Sheet, Bubble Peeling

Day 29 – So Natural Pink Mud Facial Design Pink Mud Mask

Day 30 – Urban Dollkiss Welcome to Korea $Impact Essential Mask

Day 31 – Dr 119 Lovely Animal Collastin Fox Mask




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