Review -The Saem Saemmul Jelly Pop Tint Stick in no.04 Cranberry Shake

The Saem is a great place to find cheap lip products. They have a big range at affordable prices.

This review is of The Saem Saemmul Jelly Pop Tint Stick in no.04 Cranberry Shake (더샘 샘물 젤리팝 틴트 스틱 04. 크렌베리 쉐이크)

There are five in this range and they have a cute jelly bean case and fun drink names like Cherry Punch, Peach Ade, Orange Blast, Cranberry Shake and Pink Smoothie. These Jelly Pop Tint Sticks are about 7,500 won and if you wait for a sale you can sometimes get them a bit cheaper.


The packaging is simple but cute. It comes in a traditional lipstick type case with a pull off lid. The case is a bit longer and thinner.

The color of the case is white and the lid part has jelly beans pictured on it. It gives it a cute and cheerful look.


This tint stick contains 3.4g of product and the product twists up for application

Look, feel and smell:

It’s very soft and smooth on the lips and it smells delicious. The smell is like strawberry or raspberry bubblegum.

This color for no.04 is a very nice candy pink. Although it’s not over the top it does have good pigment for a tint balm so you can see it on your lips. It gives a pretty pink hue like you have just eaten a raspberry ice block.


You can use it like any tinted lip balm. It is easy to apply and it’s the type of product that is good for carrying around in your bag. Because it has a bit of color it can be nice for when you just want a little something but don’t want to wear lipstick.

It feels a moisturizing when you apply but not as much as a real balm and does not last long. The color lasts for a couple of hours if you don’t eat or drink.

Overall this is a nice, cheap, fun tint balm type product.

One thought on “Review -The Saem Saemmul Jelly Pop Tint Stick in no.04 Cranberry Shake

  1. Thanks for the review ^-^ I’ve been wanting this tint for ages but couldn’t find swatches. And thank you very much for following my new blog (Beautyfull KDreams) too ❤


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