Review – Too Cool For School Artify Lip Study Water Beam Stick in no.01 Tint Red

This lovely lip tint/gloss is from the Too Cool For School Artify line. There are 6 colors in this Lip Study Water Beam Stick range and the packaging of course is artistic and gorgeous.20160122_213828

From the box to the case Too Cool For School really knows their stuff. One of the few Korean brands to stay away from really cutesy packaging they manage to bring a chic style that still has a sense of whimsy.

This brand is one of the more pricey road brands. It’s still not what you would think of as expensive but for Korea it is in the higher range of Road Stores. This Water Beam Stick retails for about 12,000 won.


The bright yellow and red on the box are really eye catching and are what drew me to this in the first place. The cartoon picture on the box and the case is very cool too.


The case is very interesting as the cover encases the whole lipstick tube and you pull it out with the red ribbon attached to the base. So there are two separate pieces.

I like that the case is square which means it does not roll off the table.

Look, Feel and Smell:

The product itself is what sealed the deal on me buying this. I got no.04 which is called Tint Red. It looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s a pinky/red with blue undertones and it has subtle sparkles through it. So even just sitting in the tube you know it is going to look amazing.

Now this product is not a lipstick like the tube would suggest. It’s more of a tinted gloss-like product and as such is very sheer. It is noticeable but it’s not opaque by any stretch. In the swatch below I show on the right just one layer and then on the left is about four layers so you can get a bit more color by building it up.


As a gloss it looks lovely. I really like it and it feels nice on the lips. A little bit moisturizing and an added bonus it smells amazing too – like strawberries.

It looks glossy and has a good sheen to it. On your lips you can see the little sparkles through it if you look closely, this helps to makes your lips look healthy with just a hint of color.


This is a great subtle lip color for when you just want something to give you a bit of color without actually wearing a lipstick. It’s moisturizing and feels very comfortable on the lips so is perfect day wear. Although it looks like a gloss on your lips it is not sticky like some glosses tend to be.

The downside to it being more of a gloss is that it does not last long and if you are eating and drinking you will need to reapply.

Overall a really nice product that looks amazing in all aspects.

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